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   'gbod' <name(char<9)>|'!' 'NORM' '+|-' <surf> '+|-' <surf> ->
   .. ( 5-7 surfaces )
This keyword is used to define or redefine a body in the most basic way (see also ``qbod''). Each body must have five to seven surfaces to be mesh-able. However, the number of recommended surfaces is six. The first two surfaces should be the ''top'' and the ''bottom'' surfaces. For example,

gbod B001 NORM - S001 + S002 - S005 - S004 - S003 - S006

will create a body B001. The keyword ''NORM'' is a necessary placeholder for future functionallity but has no actual meaning. Next, follow the surfaces with a sign ''+'' or ''-'' in front that indicates the orientation of each surface. These signs will be corrected automatically if necessary. If the an automatically generated name is desired, then type ''!'' instead of a name.

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