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   'hcpy' ['ps'|'xwd'|'gif'|'png']|[make [ls]]|[clean] (def:xwd)
This keyword creates a hardcopy in one of the above formats. Default is xwd. Use the program ''convert'' to convert to other formats if needed.

hcpy ps

will create a ps file.

hcpy make ls

will bundle all ps files created in one file using the landscape (ls) format. The ls parameter may be omitted. A maximum of six pictures is placed on each page.

hcpy clean

will remove all ''hcpy'' files. See also the commands ''text'', ''rot'', ''ds'', ''max'', and ''min'' which might be used in hcpy batch files. These commands should be used in the shown order before using the ''hcpy'' command.

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