Event archive

Our mission is to connect the Canadian community at MIT across traditional departmental boundaries. We organize social, educational and professional activities for on-campus (and local-area) Canadians to meet and establish new academic/entreprenuerial collaborations or friendships. Here is a list of some of the events we have held over the past few years to give you a sense of our activities.

17-Jun-2014Poutine Night
26-Apr-201448 Hours in the Hub
16-Apr-2014Canadian Cultural Coffee Hour
3-Apr-2014Canadian Lecture Series - Dr. Sara Seager
25-Mar-2014Lecture/Discussion with Diane Fracis, editor at large of National Post
20-Feb-2014Canada Women's Gold Medal Game
13-Feb-2014Canada vs Norway Olympic Hockey Lunch
6-Dec-2013Canadian Faculty Lunch
17-Oct-2013Roundtable Discussion with Dalton McGuinty
17-Oct-2013Poutine Night
23-Sep-2013Canadians@MIT Research Symposium
01-Jul-2013Canada Day BBQ
27-Jun-2013Meet the Canadian Entrepreneurs of New England (CENE)
07-May-2013Canadian movie night
26-Mar-2013Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) Launch Reception
14-Mar-2013Canadians skating social
05-Mar-2013Poutine night
18-Dec-2012Canadian Dessert Night
30-Nov-2012Lunch with McKinsey & Company: Montreal
08-Oct-2012Harvard Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner
24-Sep-2012Poutine night
12-Aug-2012Summer BBQ
06-Jun-2012Stanley cup finals viewing party
14-May-2012Canadian Dessert Night
09-Mar-2012Skating social at the Z-Center
01-Mar-2012Cabane a sucre: Sugar shack traditional meal + dessert
14-Dec-2011Poutine night at the Thirsty
06-Dec-2011Hockey Night at the Thirsty
10-Oct-2011Harvard Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner
03-Aug-2011Civic Holiday Summer BBQ
01-Jul-2011Canada Day BBQ
14-Jun-2011Canadian culture night
06-Jun-2011Stanley cup finals viewing party
09-May-2011Dinner and Canadian desserts
10-Mar-2011Dinner with MIT Canadian faculty members: John Bush and Sara Seager
06-Mar-2011Cabane a sucre: maple desserts night
27-Feb-2011Harvard Curling Tournament
12-Feb-2011Hockey day in Canada: Hockey watching party
16-Dec-2010Poutine night at S-P
11-Oct-2010Harvard Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner
26-Sep-2010Canadian Stampede Breakfast/Brunch
21-Sep-2010Canadians night at the Muddy
01-Jul-2010Canada Day BBQ
14-Jun-2010Dinner with MIT Canadian faculty members: Lorne Gibson and Jagesh Shah
29-May-2010Stanley Cup final viewing party
28-Feb-2010Olympic gold medal hockey game party
24-Feb-2010Harvard Curling Tournament
16-Feb-2010Canada/USA Tax preparation advice for dual-filers
09-Feb-2010Canadians night at the Muddy
08-Dec-2009Poutine night at S-P
12-Oct-2009Harvard Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner
22-Sep-2009Canadians night at the Muddy