Our club maintains three e-mail lists (

Unmoderated Discussion List - [Join this list]

What's the deal with these F1s, H1Bs and TN's eh? Wait, I have to file three tax returns? How do I import a car from Canada? Does anyone want to grab a beer and watch the hockey game? These are just a few of the many questions our members have answered on our wildly successful discussion list!

It is intended as a forum for exchange of information among its members such as on Canada-related events (movie screenings, lectures or discussion panels, receptions, etc.), visa or tax issues, or just general discussion, eh? Take note, we have a separate list for ride-shares (canadians-rideshare :at:

Membership is open to domains from local area schools (,, etc) including alum subdomains. This list has been in continuous operation since 1995!

Moderated Events List - [Join this list]

This is a low traffic list moderated by the Club to inform the wider Canadian community at MIT about high-value events of relevance and interest to MIT Canadians. Sign-up to stay informed about on-campus or Boston-area events for Canadians!

Since we strive to maintain the low-traffic nature of the list, this list will not accept direct posts by members. Please consider sending your message to the un-moderated discussion list (canadians :at: or contact the club executive (canadians-owner :at: with a proposal!

Membership is open to email addresses from MIT domains (,, etc). Once per year, we will update the list with incoming Canadian students as indicated by the registrar's office. Outgoing community members who have lost access can re-subscribe with their address to stay informed!

Rideshare List - [Join this list]

Trying to get to Montreal but don't like the slow Greyhound or $600 airfare? Headed to Toronto by car and looking for company or gas money? This is the list for MIT-area ride-sharers to connect for trips to/from Canada!

Membership is open to email addresses from all local school domains (,, etc)., including alum sub-domains. All members can post to this list.

For other matters, email our club leadership: .