F-28 - Incoming Payments

Use this transaction to post sponsor payments wired to MIT's bank account. The transaction clears sponsor invoices automatically.

  1. Get started (SAP menu path, fast path)
  2. Post incoming payments: header data
  3. Post incoming payments: process open items

1. Get Started

2. Post Incoming Payments: header data

  1. Enter header data:

Document Date (Current Date)

Document Type (Use default = DZ)

Posting Date (Use default = current date, unless wire is from an earlier date)

Account (GL account = 100560)

Amount (Enter amount of wire to post, for example 100,000)

Account (enter 10-digit customer number, for example 8000000006)

Note: The bank statement gives the customer number and invoice no (beginning with "09" for cost reimbursable or advance scheduled invoices or "21" for cash advance (270) invoices).

  1. Click on Process open items button

    Result: SAP looks for open items for the customer number, which are listed on the next screen.

3. Post Incoming Payments: Process open items

  1. Match invoice(s) to pay: Match invoice number(s) on bank statement with Document nos. of open items.

  2. Double click on open items to pay (the invoices are initially displayed in black, but the display turns to blue when you double click on them, as shown below).

    In the Editing Status box, the Assigned Amount should now equal the Amount entered and the Not assigned amount should equal zero, as shown below.

  1. Click on Save

    A message displays that document no. "14xxxxxxxx" was posted.

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