FB03 - Display Document

You can use this transaction to display an FI invoice. To do so, you need to enter its document number (range is 90000000 - 999999999).

  1. Get started (SAP menu path, fast path)
  2. Display document: initial screen
  3. FI Invoice: document overview

1. Get Started

2. Display document: initial screen

  1. Document Number (range is 90000000 - 999999999)

  2. Click on or press Enter

    If you enter a valid document number, the FI invoice displays as shown below.

3. FI invoice: document overview

  1. Select Environment -> Original document to display the SD billing document associated with this FI invoice, as shown below.

  1. To display originating documents for the SD billing document, select Environment -> Display Document Flow from the menu bar.

  1. To view one of the documents listed, select its line and click on the Display Document button.

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