SAP VF03 - Display Billing Document

Use this transaction to display an SD billing document and its FI invoice (if one exists). Both will have the same document number in range 90000000 to 99999999.

  1. Get started (SAP menu path, fast path)
  2. Display billing document: initial screen
  3. SD Billing Document Display: overview
  4. Display FI Invoice
  5. Display Document Flow

1. Get Started

2. Display billing document: initial screen

Display billing document: initial screen

  1. Billing document: (range is 90000000 - 99999999)
  2. Click on or press Enter.

    If you entered a valid billing document number, the SD Billing Document Display: Overview screen appears, as shown in next step.

    Note: The SD billing document is called a Debit Memo, when created by ZVF04, or an Invoice, when created by ZVF0403.

3. SD Billing Document Display: Overview of billing items

Display SD Billing Document: Overview

Note: Cost reimbursable billing docs are called "Debit memos", as shown above; advance scheduled billing docs are called "ZSSB invoices".

To display header or item data for the billing document,

  1. Select a line item by clicking in its Selection column Selection (leftmost column of its row).
  2. Select GoTo > Header or Item from menu bar and select an option, for example Item > Item details.

4. Display FI invoice

To display the FI invoice for the SD document from the Overview, Header, or Item data screen,

  1. Click on the Accounting button (shown in step 3) to list accounting documents, as shown below.

    List accounting documents

  2. Click on the category of Accounting document ( e.g., 90034107; range is 90000000 to 99999999) to view the FI Invoice, as shown below:

FI invoice

5. Display document flow

To display originating documents for the SD billing document,

  1. Return to SD Billing Document Display.
  2. From the menu bar, select Environment -> Display Document Flow.

Document flow

  1. To view one of the documents listed, select its line and click on the Display Document button.

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