About the MIT Caribbean Club


The MIT Caribbean Club is an active, long-standing organization of the institute. The club was created primarily so that MIT students could maintain their Caribbean identity, culture, and heritage away from their homeland. Over the years, the MIT Caribbean Club has given many West Indian students at MIT, and in the greater Boston area, a slice of home away from home. The Club has worked arduously to educate as many people in the MIT and Boston community about Caribbean culture and develop an appreciation for our heritage. The club continues to work towards these objectives as we seek to further encourage support for the club and further participation and involvement in the club.

In addition to throwing island-themed study breaks where members can learn about the various countries in the Caribbean through experience, we typically plan a few large events per year. In the past these have consisted of a Caribbean Weekend, which consists of a cultural show and party open to the entire college community, Caribbean exhibition at past I-Fairs, in addition to collaborated events thrown jointly by Caribbean organizations of the other schools in Boston. Each year we improve old events and look for new ones that will actively spread Caribbean culture and increase awareness of Caribbean affairs.