The Caribbean in the 21st Century:

Engineering A Brighter Future


The MIT Caribbean Club presents...

The Caribbean in the 21st Century:

Engineering a Brighter Future

February 13, 2010

Greetings on behalf of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Caribbean Club! The MIT Caribbean Students’ Conference brings together and creates a network of Caribbean college students in northeastern America. The theme for this year’s Conference will be “Engineering a Brighter Future” approaching issues in the Caribbean’s socio-economic framework from the solutions-based perspective of MIT.

Conference Philosophy

The purpose of the 2nd MIT Caribbean Students' Conference is:

The workshops are geared towards a think tank format, creatively using facts, parallel thinking and critical thought to generate, like a breath of fresh air, new ideas in approaching on old issues. Important in creating this effect is making the conference open not only to Caribbean students, but people from all walks interested in the issues being approached.

Primary post-conference activity will include a compilation of participants' contributions and discussions in a written report on the conference which will be sent to the Heads of Government of all countries represented and to International Organizations with vested interests in the issues covered, in order to build support for activity shooting out from the conference discussions, as well as support for future Caribbean Conferences at MIT.