Cascon Case BAH: Bahrain 1970

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Status Quo Side: United Kingdom (Bahrain)

Non-Status Quo Side: Iran

Region: Middle East

Conflict Type: Colonial

Issues in Dispute: Independence, Territory

Phase 1: 1/1968

The UK decision to withdraw from the Persian Gulf by the end of 1971, and thus remove its protection of Bahrain (traditional since 1820), revived a continuing Iranian claim based on Persian rule from the early 17th century until 1783 when the current ruling dynasty was established. On March 28 1970 the UNSYG announced receipt of letters from Iran and the UK requesting that he designate a personal representative Vittorio Winspeare-Giucciardi to ascertain the wishes of the people. On May 11 1970 the UNSC endorsed Winspeare's conclusion that an overwhelming majority wished recognition of Bahrain's identity as a fully independent and sovereign state free to decide its own relations with other states.

Settled: 5/11/1970

In the UNSC Iran announced the dispute ended as both parties accepted the Winspeare Report.

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