Cascon Issues

Issues are what the dispute underlying a conflict is about. Put another way, issues are matters that, if resolved, would end the conflict. There may be more than one issue. Issues are shown in CASCON in two ways. A broad classification appears in the Case Detail window, and a description of the specifics is included in the case precis. The classifications are:

  • Ethnic -- disputes arising out of ethnic differences, including religion and language.
  • Governance -- efforts to change the party or faction in power, or to change the form of government, as well as disputes centering on ideology.
  • Independence -- efforts to throw off the yoke of an foreign colonial power, as well as secession movements of a region presently administered as part of a state.
  • Resources -- disputes arising over control of natural resources or economic power.
  • Strategic -- attempts to gain geopolitical or economic advantage or to fend off a strategic move by another.
  • Territory -- disputes over the control of an area.

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