Cascon Case Names and Codes

Case name. The case name (or title) is a short phrase used to identify the case. In the CASCON historical database, titles are generally composed of the principal countries involved, the territory or issue disputed, or a familiar name, such as "Middle East War." The historical database also includes the year when significant events began and, if settled, the year of settlement. Cases that remain unresolved generally have a dash at the end of the name to indicate that the matter was still open as of the time the database was published.

Case code. In addition to a name or title, every case in CASCON must be assigned a three- or four-letter code. Case codes are used as a short abbreviation to identify the case in the computer. Every case code must be distinct from the codes for all other cases in the system. When a new case is imported or entered into the computer, CASCON checks the code for uniqueness and recommends an alternative if a duplicate code is found.

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