Kinds of Questions CASCON Can Help Answer

CASCON is a decision-support system. The computer does not make policy decisions or predict the future. CASCON is a sophisticated, yet flexible, system for storing and manipulating information about conflicts. As is true of any computerized system, the thinking has to be done by the user. What it can do is make available on a desktop or laptop computer a handy tool for learning or analysis, along with a rich store of usable information. Given some purpose on the user's part, CASCON can help to answer questions the user has formulated and to reach conclusions about the dynamics of conflict. Here are some of the kinds of questions one might have in mind when using CASCON:

Remember that, however intriguing a computerized system, it will always be less sophisticated than the complex models and histories that reside inside the heads of experienced professionals. CASCON can help point out features and directions, but in the end analytical results rely on the user's understanding and skill.

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