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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Win32s version 1.3

The following is a list of the known bugs in Win32s version 1.25a that were fixed in Win32s version 1.3.

  • DeviceCapabilities() with DC_BINS and DC_PAPERS are thunked incorrectly. The array should be left as is.
  • SearchPath() and OpenFile() don't work properly with OEM chars in the filename.
  • GetSystemInfo() doesn't set correct ProcessorType for the Pentium.
  • FindResource() returns a non-NULL handle for a nonexistent resource.
  • VirtualProtect() with anything other than PAGE_NOACCESS, PAGE_READ, OR PAGE_READWRITE yields unpredictable page protections.
  • GetWindowTextLength() and GetWindowText() incorrectly sign-extend the return value.
  • MoveFile() fails on Windows for Workgroups when the source is remote and the destination is local.
  • PrintDlg() GP faults if the PRINTDLG structure has an illegal size (size other than 42).
  • Loading resources may cause memory and selector leakage. The leakage occurs when the resource is loaded from a DLL.
  • FP context is corrupted when an FP exception occurs while using the FP emulator.
  • If a window class defined in one DLL uses a window function in another DLL and this DLL is unloaded before the DLL that defines the window class, a general protection (GP) fault occurs in WIN32S16.DLL when you terminate the process from a debugger.
  • GetBitmapBits() and SetBitmapBits() return the wrong value. The return code is not converted from dx:ax to eax.
  • FindResource() does not set the last error code to a proper value.
  • NLS APIs fail when AnsiCP in the [NLS] section of WIN32S.INI is set to the code page of the machine (473 on U.S. machines).
  • _tzset() in CRTDLL.DLL can cause a general protection (GP) fault.

In addition, there were several bugs fixed in the Windows NT FP emulator. These fixes were are included in Win32s.


For the list of known bugs in Win32s version 1.2 that were fixed in Win32s version 1.25a, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

   ARTICLE-ID: Q130139
   TITLE     : Win32s 1.25a Fix List

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