Old Noun Poetries

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All strips are copyright katy-cat and cannot be reprinted except by explicit permission of the artist.

large wooden stick, red construction brick, cappuccino
crumpled label, man with staple, beer
bad clothing, pathetic moaning, tuna
cap and gown, circus clown, kiwi
cornish hen, big ben, dental floss
double face, pretty vase, optical illusion
nose ring, brrrrring!, pot
Echidna, Piranha, Twig
forgotten lore, hardware store, sparc station
drinky bird, buffalo herd, evaporation
black light, sword fight, emergency room
bad taste, smiley face, forbidden poodle
cenotaph, monotonically decreasing graph, corpse
zarzuela, snapping chela, tie
shuriken, gherken, zucchetto
hissing ball of death, bass and treble clef, Dan Amano
funny dog, miracle frog, lxs
nouns@mit.edu, Brute, et tu?, ampersand
back dive, green chive, puddle
brief case, frowny face, bra
teddy bear, paternal stare, pants
graduation, annihilation, good-byes
president clinton, singles badminton, squares
orthopedic bed, square peg, butterfly
oak xylotomy, frontal lobotomy, pear
coffee mug, ulotrichous slug, pine cone
thenar, cuban cigar, porpoise
blue llama, bad karma, curd
fragile pinion, demonic minion, oxter
Union Jack, zwieback, yagi
cheese, cheese, cheese
ghastly ghoul, complete and utter fool, candy
billowy, pillory, bijugate
plea to fan, George the garbage man, Harakhty
tenuous grasp, hardwood rasp, lint ball
smite foot, das boot, yurt
Happy slug's dance
kidney bean, dancing queen, porridge
interdict, picket, fleche

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