Auto Noun Poetry FAQ

Autonp has been shut down because web access to the place hosting it (the zone afs cell) was lost

Q: Where do you get the words?

A: The first and third words are picked randomly from /usr/dict/words, the second is generated by Brian Langenberger. Information about it can be found at

Q: Where do you get the images?

A: It is picked randomly from the first five images that are returned by querying

Q: What is this a picture of?

A: You can probably find the original picture by searching for the word at From there you can follow the link to the original pave.

Q: I missed some, do you have them saved anywhere?/Why don't you save the really cool ones?

A: These pictures are copyright. I feel that the temporary use of them, especially while they are still in google's cache, is ok, but storing them permanently would be a violation of their rights.

Q: This word isn't a noun. You moron!

A: The original noun poetry didn't care, why should auto noun poetry?

Q: Why do you have words/pictures that offend me?

A: Since things are picked randomly it is hard to prevent this sort of thing. I promise to take down any offending pictures with in 24 hours. If it is really bad, email and I'll take it down as soon as I can.

Q: You say that there is a new one every hour, but I don't see it?

A: Reload. If that doesn't work, I might have rebooted the machine to play games.

Q: I'm seeing old/wrong pictures that don't match the words. Why is that?

A: Shift reload. If that doesn't help, then perhaps google was just having a bad day.

Q: How often is there a new one?

A: Once an hour.

Q: How long will this Auto Noun Poetry last?

A: 24 are saved at a time, so any particular one will stay around for 24 hours.

Q: Why are those two words are the same word but with different spelling?

A: It's hard to check for this, and I'm lazy, so tough.

Q: This makes no sense. What is Noun Poetry anyway, and why automate it?

A: Noun Poetry was a comic strip in the tech. I've automated it because I stopped drawing it many years ago, but people kept bugging me for more and why not.

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