Noun Poetry is a unique strip which takes advantage of the humor and intrigue found in nonsequiturial randomness. Lately it has matured to include elements with more thought provoking relationships, obligating readers, at times, to improve their vocabulary to experience the full effect. For those readers who do not feel like looking up the obscure nouns in the strip, the visuals include something humorous or visually pleasing.

Though the strip has a very simple structure, its nature is complex, and varies from educational to delightfully inane. From the cadre of fans it accumulated from its current publication, I've found that all sides of Noun Poetry have been well received, even structures as simple as "cheese cheese cheese". Many fans have remarked that they enjoy Noun Poetry's uniqueness, to the attempts at direct humor in the other, more standard strips which are published alongside it.

Noun Poetry continues to fill the niche being carved out by strips like Jim's Journal, Red Meat, and Zippy, but adds a new twist and a bit more maturity along with a more intellectual base.

Because of its simplicity, Noun Poetry attracts a variety of audiences. It has already found fans in the intellectual community of a technical university, among thirty-something young marrieds, and among middle-aged baby boomers. I believe it will find fans in almost every target audience group.

Other than the strips mentioned above, which are not really comparable, Noun Poetry has no similar works. It is as close to a new artform as a strip can get. Its potential is endless and its continutity is easly maintained.

And yes, I do realize that I sometimes take liberties in the parts of speech, generating strips which could be appropriately labelled Verb Poetry, or Adjective Poetry. There are times when nouns and noun phrases just don't have the right word.

As a fan stated, Noun Poetry's best feature is that "it's a break from the logic of this more than overbearing world." You don't need to "get the joke" or feel pressured to take away anything from the strip other than what you find in it. Does that mean it has no intrinsic humor or depth? Not at all, most people will find something in it for them, whether it it is a joke I placed in the strip or a deep hidden meaning that people spend hours discussing (which is reportedly happening), or just a small thing that has struck the fancy of the artist or the reader. I read a strip several years ago that had something very simple; a noise being made by one of the characters. It has become a part of me and of my friends, and our culture -- an in-joke which is shared with smiles. My goal is to make sure that Noun Poetry does that for other people, and that something catches people's fancies enough that they have something to take away with them. And,at least for the current audience, I've succeeded.

Noun Poetry has received notice in the press:

"... it can also reflect a typical experience for the Noun Poet herself, as simple, everyday objects are typically her muse for for her short, inspired one-line poems ... then the objects surrounding the Noun Poet where she sat one day might be the very things which have brought us such delight and provoked such thought and discussion, time and again, making us open our eyes to see what we are usually blind to."

-- Facile Gerund - Three Lines That Rock: Noun Poetry Won't Let You Down