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MIT Course Catalog 2014-2015

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Bachelor of Science in Architecture/Course 4

General Institute Requirements (GIRs) Subjects
Science Requirement 6
Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Requirement [one subject can be satisfied by a subject in the Departmental Program] 8
Restricted Electives in Science and Technology (REST) Requirement 2
Laboratory Requirement 1
Total GIR Subjects Required for SB Degree 17
Communication Requirement  
The program includes a Communication Requirement of 4 subjects:
2 subjects designated as Communication Intensive in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CI-H); and 2 subjects designated as Communication Intensive in the Major (CI-M).
PLUS Departmental Program Units
Subject names below are followed by credit units, and by prerequisites, if any
(corequisites in italics)
Required Subjects 153-156
4.021 Introduction to Architecture Design, 12, HASS-A
4.02A Introduction to Architecture Design Intensive, 9, HASS-A

4.022 Architecture Design Foundations, 12
4.023 Architecture Design Studio 1, 24, CI-M; 4.021*, 4.022
4.024 Architecture Design Studio 2, 24; 4.023, 4.401, 4.500, 4.603,
4.302 Foundations in Art, Design, and Spatial Practices, 12, CI-M; 4.021*
4.401 Environmental Technologies in Buildings, 12
4.440J Building Structural Systems I, 12, REST; Calculus II (GIR)
4.500 Introduction to Geometric Modeling, 12

4.501 Creative Design Prototyping, 12; 4.500
4.503 Advanced Visualization: Architecture in Motion Graphics, 12; 4.500

4.603 Formal Analysis in Architecture, Art and Design, 12, HASS-A

4.605 A Global History of Architecture, 12, HASS-A
4.614 Architecture in the Islamic World, 12, HASS-A
4.635 Early Modern Architecture and Art, 12, HASS-A
Restricted Electives 24
4.025 Architecture Design Studio 3, 24; 4.024, 4.440J
two subjects from the following list:
—Art, Culture and Technology  
4.307 Art, Architecture and Urbanism in Dialogue, 12; 4.301 or 4.302
4.322 Introduction to Three-Dimensional Art Work, 12, HASS-A
4.341 Introduction to Photography and Related Media, 12, HASS-A
4.354 Introduction to Video and Related Media, 12, HASS-A
4.368 Studio Seminar in Public Art/Public Sphere, 12, HASS-A; permission of instructor
—Building Technology  
4.411J D-Lab Schools: Building Technology Laboratory, 12, LAB; Physics I (GIR), Calculus I (GIR)
4.42J Fundamentals of Energy in Buildings, 12, REST; Physics I (GIR), Calculus II (GIR)
4.432 Modeling Urban Energy Flows for Sustainable Cities and Neighborhoods, 12; permission of instructor
4.444 Analysis of Historic Structures, 12
4.501 Digital Design and Fabrication, 12; 4.500
4.503 Advanced Visualization: Architecture in Motion Graphics, 12; 4.500*†
4.504 Design Scripting, 12; 4.500
4.520 Visual Computing 1, 12
4.522 Visual Computing 2, 12; 4.520*
—History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture and Art  
4.601 Introduction to Art History, 12, HASS-A
4.602 Modern Art and Mass Culture, 12, HASS-A, CI-H
4.605 A Global History of Architecture†, 12, HASS-A†
4.614 Architecture in the Islamic World, 12, HASS-A†
4.635 Early Modern Architecture and Art, 12, HASS-A†
4.651 Art Since 1940, 12, HASS-A
Departmental Program Units That Also Satisfy the GIRs (36)
Unrestricted Electives 48-51
Total Units Beyond the GIRs Required for SB Degree 192
No subject can be counted both as part of the 17-subject GIRs and as part of the 192 units required beyond the GIRs. Every subject in the student's departmental program will count toward one or the other, but not both.
*Alternate prerequisites are listed in the subject description.
† These restricted electives are also listed under required subjects. However students only choose one from the designated groups to satisfy the required subjects. It is acceptable for them to use the subjects not chosen toward the restricted elective options.
‡ Only three subjects required by the department may also satisfy the General Institute Requirements.
For an explanation of credit units, or hours, please refer to the online help of the MIT Subject Listing & Schedule,


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