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MIT Course Catalog 2014-2015

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Degrees Offered in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Department     Degree     Field    
Course 21A
  SB Anthropology
Comparative Media Studies/Writing
Course CMS and Course 21W
  SB Comparative Media Studies
  SB Writing
  SM Comparative Media Studies
  SM Science Writing
Course 14
SB Economics
SM Economics
PhD Economics
Global Studies and Languages
Course 21F
  SB Foreign Languages and Literatures
Course 21H
  SB History
Course 21*
SB Humanities
SB Humanities and Engineering
SB Humanities and Science
Linguistics and Philosophy
Course 24
SB Linguistics and Philosophy
SB Philosophy
PhD Linguistics
PhD Philosophy
Course 21L
  SB Literature
Music and Theater Arts
Course 21M
  SB Music
Political Science
Course 17
SB Political Science
SM Political Science
PhD Political Science
Program in Science, Technology, and Society
Course STS
SB Science, Technology, and Society
PhD History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology and Society
*Students majoring in German or doing a "major departure" (an independently designed major in one of several specified fields) receive the generic SB degree in Humanities.
Many departments make it possible for a graduate student to pursue a simultaneous master's degree.


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