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MIT Course Catalog 2013-2014

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Degree Charts

Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

School of Architecture and Planning

Architecture/Course 4

Planning/Course 11

School of Engineering

Aerospace Engineering/Course 16

Archaeology and Materials/Course 3-C

Biological Engineering/Course 20

Chemical-Biological Engineering/Course 10-B

Chemical Engineering/Course 10

Civil and Environmental Engineering/Course 1-A

Civil Engineering/Course 1-C

Computer Science and Engineering/Course 6-3

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/Course 6-2

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/Course 6-P

Electrical Science and Engineering/Course 6-1

Engineering as Recommended by the
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics/Course 16-ENG

Engineering as Recommended by the Department of Chemical Engineering/Course 10-ENG

Environmental Engineering Science/Course 1-E

Materials Science and Engineering/Course 3

Mechanical and Ocean Engineering/Course 2-OE

Mechanical Engineering/Course 2

Mechanical Engineering/Course 2-A

Nuclear Science and Engineering/Course 22

School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Anthropology/Course 21A

Comparative Media Studies/Course CMS

Economics/Course 14

Foreign Languages and Literatures/Course 21F

History/Course 21H

Humanities/Course 21

Humanities and Engineering/Course 21E

Humanities and Science/Course 21S

Linguistics and Philosophy/Course 24-2

Literature/Course 21L

Music/Course 21M

Philosophy/Course 24-1

Political Science/Course 17

Science, Technology, and Society/Double Major/Course STS

Writing/Course 21W

Sloan School of Management

Management Science/Course 15

School of Science

Biology/Course 7

Biology/Course 7-A

Brain and Cognitive Sciences/Course 9

Chemistry/Course 5

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences/Course 12

Mathematics/Course 18

Mathematics with Computer Science/Course 18-C

Physics/Course 8

Interdisciplinary Programs

Computer Science and Molecular Biology/Course 6-7

Computer Science and Molecular Biology/Course 6-7P


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