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Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory

The Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory (FBML) conducts a program of research and development in science and engineering in areas involving high magnetic fields, focused primarily on magnetic resonance. High-field, high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (700, 750, 800, and 900 MHz) and electron paramagnetic resonance (140 GHz) spectrometers are used for studies of molecules of biological interest and in areas of materials science. In addition, the FBML operates a number of instruments devoted to dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) which offer large increases in sensitivity of solid state NMR experiments. Spectrometers are made available on a routine basis in a collaborative and user mode to research groups from other MIT departments and institutions worldwide.  The laboratory is also involved in the development of the next generation high field NMR magnets fabricated from high temperature superconductors, with a goal of operating at a 1.3 GHz 1H NMR frequency.

Collaborative research programs are carried out with the departments of Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Science and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry, and with the Plasma Science and Fusion Center. These collaborative programs include participation by undergraduates and graduates working on theses. Undergraduate students in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program and others are also employed.

For information, contact the director, Professor Robert Griffin, Room NW14-3220, 617-253-5478.


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