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MIT Course Catalog 2014-2015

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Operations Research Center

The Operations Research Center (ORC) provides academic and research opportunities for graduate students and faculty interested in an interdisciplinary field that draws upon ideas from engineering, management, and mathematics in order to apply scientific methods to decision making. ORC includes faculty participants from the Sloan School of Management, as well as from the departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Mathematics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Urban Studies and Planning, and Economics. Forty-seven faculty and 54 graduate students are affiliated with the center.

The center coordinates master's and PhD programs in operations research, which provides a strong background in theory as well as the practical techniques used in building models for a wide variety of applications.

For further information about the Operations Research Center and its degree programs, contact Laura Rose, Room E40-107, 617-253-9303,


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