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MIT Portugal Program

The MIT Portugal Program (MPP) was launched in October 2006 by the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher Education as a large-scale international collaboration involving MIT and government, academia, and industry in Portugal, the aim being to develop leading-edge higher education and research programs related to engineering systems. The program is supported by a national initiative involving Portuguese universities and research centers, which, together with MIT, targets bioengineering systems, sustainable energy systems, engineering design and advanced manufacturing, and transportation systems as key areas for economic development and societal impact.

MIT Portugal has developed four PhD and three master's programs in collaboration with six Portuguese universities, as well as joint research projects focused on integrative test-bed research in Portugal involving faculty and students from both MIT and Portugal.

MPP initiatives include faculty and students from MIT departments in all five schools at the Institute. MIT faculty regularly teach PhD or master's courses in Portugal, either in person or via videoconference. MIT students working with these MIT faculty make research trips to Portugal to enhance collaborative relationships on joint projects and serve as research (and occasionally teaching) assistants to these faculty members. In addition, MPP has occasionally developed internship opportunities for MIT students to conduct research related to their work at Portuguese companies.

MIT Portugal offers opportunities for MIT students in graduate research collaboration and postdoctoral research as well as sponsored lectures and public colloquia on engineering systems.

For further information, contact the program's assistant director, Jennifer Kratochwill, Room E40-221, 617-253-5758.



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