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MIT Course Catalog 2014-2015

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Technology and Development Program

The Technology and Development Program (TDP) provides a focus at MIT for interdisciplinary research and education related to the role of science and technology in the socioeconomic growth of newly industrialized countries.

TDP promotes an awareness among faculty and students of the relationships among science, technology, and development; provides a focal point for the activities of faculty, students, and visiting scholars interested in the field of technology and development; and serves as a resource for organizations outside MIT (government, academic, private sector) that wish to explore the Institute's understanding of socioeconomic and technological challenges facing the newly industrialized nations.

TDP is administered by faculty executive committees which oversee the activities of each program. The primary emphasis of each TDP program is on institution building. Through research, education, and industrial outreach activities, the program provides opportunities for industry, government, and academia to pool their resources and enhance the domestic socioeconomic growth of the host country. TDP has worked in numerous parts of the world including Egypt, Lebanon, Thailand, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Japan, and South America.

TDP provides educational and research opportunities for master's candidates interested in specific areas of technology and development. Admission to MIT must first be obtained from the appropriate academic department. The student should then submit a proposal for study to the TDP policy committee for approval. Details of the program are available upon request. Students may receive financial support in the form of research assistantships associated with current TDP research projects.

Further information about the program may be obtained from the director, Professor Fred Moavenzadeh, Room 1-175, 617-253-7178.


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