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MIT Course Catalog 2014-2015

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The greatest wave of mass mobility is yet to come, and it represents a potential economic, health, and ecological disaster on a global scale. In 2009, to address the grand challenge of future mobility, MIT researchers launched Transportation@MIT, a partnership of MIT’s School of Engineering, the Sloan School of Management, and the School of Architecture and Planning. Representing 15 departments, this team of over 240 faculty and senior research is already engaged in transportation-related research. Transportation@MIT is transforming global transportation systems to meet the economic and environmental mobility needs of the 21st century.

Transportation@MIT is building on MIT’s rich tradition of transportation education, which includes a Master of Engineering in Logistics, described in Engineering Systems Division in Part 2, and a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy in Transportation, described in Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs in Part 3. At the undergraduate level, we have introduced transportation technology and systems courses to our curriculum in support of flexible engineering degrees with a transportation concentration.

Our regular seminars highlighting current MIT and external transportation research engage this community of faculty, research staff, and students. At these seminars, students are introduced to potential applications and interdisciplinary collaborations for their work in their vast fields of transportation in academia, government, and industry. Students also have a community within the Institute-wide Transportation Club, which has over 300 members.


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