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MIT Course Catalog 2014-2015

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Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

Whitehead Institute provides educational and research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students in the biological sciences.

A nonprofit, independent research institution, Whitehead is affiliated with MIT through its members, who hold faculty positions at MIT. A small number of junior investigators also hold positions at Whitehead Institute as part of the Whitehead Fellows program.

Whitehead Institute's research excellence is nurtured by the collaborative spirit of its faculty and the creativity and dedication of its graduate students and postdoctoral scientists. Whitehead's primary focus is basic science, with an emphasis on molecular and cell biology, genetics and genomics, and developmental biology. Specific areas of inquiry at Whitehead include cancer, transgenic science, stem cells, regenerative biology, genetics, genomics, membrane biology, vertebrate development, and neurological disorders.

Whitehead Institute is engaged in research collaborations with numerous academic and industrial partners. These partnerships expand the scope of Whitehead research, as well as aid the translation of basic research into advances in disease prevention, diagnosis, and therapy.

Whitehead Institute also supports a suite of programs that foster high school science education, and public engagement with science and technology. Students and postdoctoral candidates interested in science education and community outreach are encouraged to participate in these programs.

Each year, a number of graduate students pursue PhD degrees at Whitehead Institute through the Department of Biology. Undergraduate students pursue research objectives through MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

Further information may be obtained through Communications and Public Affairs, Whitehead Institute, 9 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142-1479, 617-258-5183.


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