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Graduate Single Student Housing

Approximately 35 percent of MIT's single graduate students reside on campus in Avery Allen Ashdown House, Ping Yuan Tang Residence Hall, Harold Edgerton House, The Warehouse (NW30), and Sidney-Pacific Residence Hall. Students must be registered each term (not including the summer) in order to reside in on-campus student housing. MIT attempts to house all new graduate students who desire to live on campus. New single student assignments are for one year. Returning students who receive housing through the Continuing Allocation Process may remain in housing continuously until they graduate, as long as they are registered each term. Students sign a new license agreement each year they are in residence.

These residence halls provide a rich living environment in a number of different formats, including suites, kitchen suites, and apartments. All of the buildings have active student governments that plan and facilitate social and cultural events. All of the buildings have a faculty member or faculty members in residence who, along with the house manager, support the students. All units are available as single sex. Coed two-bedroom apartments in Edgerton House and Tang Hall, two-bedroom suites and apartments in Sidney-Pacific, and two- and three-bedroom suites and apartments in Ashdown are available upon request. All buildings except for Edgerton House are furnished.

The rent for all graduate residences is charged on a monthly basis and the licenses are from the date of occupancy until August 15 each year. Graduate Housing's strict termination policies can be found on its website. All rents include heat, hot water, electricity, internet, and basic cable, as well as all building amenities, such as low-cost laundry, gym facilities, front desk services, and security patrol. Some residences have a $5–$6 monthly tax to cover dorm social activities.

Rents for the 2013–2014 academic year ranged from $760 to $1,695 per month, per student. Rates typically increase 3.5% per year. Details about each of the residences can be found at

MIT graduate housing is assigned through an allocation process administered by the Graduate Housing Office. Students can enter the allocation for fall term housing between March and early May. Assignments are available in late May. A second allocation takes place in November for spring term housing. Rooms that become available outside the allocation process are made available through a waiting list that runs from July through May. Details of the allocation and waiting list are available at

The Graduate and Family Housing Office, located in W59-200, can be reached at or at 617-253-5148.


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