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Health Plan

Medical Report Requirements

MIT requires that all incoming students submit a medical history, have a complete physical examination, and document immunity against certain infectious diseases. Medical Report forms need to be submitted before registering for classes. Specific deadlines for each term are listed on the form itself. More information and downloadable Medical Report forms

Registration will not be permitted for any student who has not complied with the Medical Report and/or immunization requirements stated above.

MIT Medical

To meet the heath care needs of MIT community members, MIT Medical offers a single, centralized source of comprehensive health insurance, care, and treatment at our own medical centers, and an extensive roster of health promotion programs. Members of the MIT community and their families have convenient, on-campus access to a broad range of clinical services and medical and dental specialties, delivered by highly qualified health care professionals. Through our affiliations with Boston's leading hospitals, our clinicians are able to refer patients with more serious conditions to the most appropriate specialists. MIT Medical is located in Building E23.

Visits to MIT Medical are by appointment, except for urgent care. Urgent medical care is available at MIT Medical seven days a week from 7 am to 11 pm. The Mental Health and Counseling Service also has walk-in hours for urgent matters from 2 pm to 4 pm daily, Monday through Friday. MIT community members should call 617-253-4481 or 617-258-0656 (TTY) day or night for medical advice.

More information about our services, including appointment hours, phone numbers, and clinician profiles can be found at

Health Insurance Requirements

All MIT students must have health insurance that meets the requirements for the Massachusetts Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Students with J-1 visas under MIT sponsorship must have insurance that also meets US Department of State regulations for themselves and their spouses and children who accompany them. More information about Massachusetts health insurance requirements may be found at

MIT Student Health Plan

The MIT Student Health Plan consists of two complementary parts, the MIT Student Medical Plan and the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan.

The MIT Student Medical Plan covers a wide range of services provided at MIT Medical, including primary care, many medical specialties, urgent care 7 days a week, mental health care, and other services. Registered MIT students paying tuition to MIT are automatically enrolled in the MIT Student Medical Plan as part of their tuition. Student partners and children of students can pay a Partner/Child MIT Student Medical Plan premium for comprehensive access. If student partners and children choose not to purchase the Medical Plan, they may use MIT Medical for urgent care only. To enroll family, students must annually complete the MIT Student Health Plan enrollment form during the enrollment period.

The MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan is designed to coordinate with the MIT Student Medical Plan and provides coverage for more extensive care, such as hospitalization, diagnostic tests, physical therapy, surgery, prescription medication, and obstetrical care. Since health insurance is mandatory under Massachusetts law, all regular students and special students (registered with 27 or more units), including students on a J-1 or F-1 visa, are automatically enrolled in the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan. Prior to the beginning of each term, students may submit an online request to waive the Student Extended Insurance Plan if they already have coverage which meets the Massachusetts requirements for student health insurance. J-1 students under MIT visa sponsorship may waive the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan only if their policies meet both the Massachusetts requirements and specified United States Information Agency (USIA) requirements. Massachusetts state law requires coverage through an insurance carrier based in the United States. New waiver forms must be filled out each academic year.

Students may also enroll their spouses/partners and children in the Student Extended Insurance Plan. Family members must purchase the MIT Student Medical Plan to be eligible to enroll in the Student Extended Insurance Plan. Family members must be re-enrolled each September.

Special students taking two or more subjects, but registered with less than 27 units, are eligible to purchase the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan, but are not enrolled automatically.

The deadline for submitting enrollment forms and waiver forms is September 15 for fall term, February 15 for spring term, and June 15 for summer term.

More information about the MIT Student Health Plans, including benefits, rates, and enrollment or waiver processes, may be fount at

Please contact MIT Health Plans at with enrollment or waiver questions, or contact Claims and Member Service at with any questions about benefits or claims.


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