The subjects offered are a selection of those described in the MIT Subject Descriptions, with a few exceptions. Should fewer than 12 students enroll in an announced subject, it may be canceled, and any fees paid for it will be refunded.

In addition to the subjects described in this catalog, students may register for undergraduate or graduate thesis work, provided the particular department offers thesis registration during the regular year. Note special tuition issues for graduate pre-thesis research conducted over summer. (See the section on Tuition for details.)

Key to Subject Descriptions

"U" indicates an undergraduate subject.

"G" indicates a subject primarily for graduate students.

"H-LEVEL Grad Credit" indicates an approved subject for higher graduate-level degree credit. In some cases, a message follows the designation indicating that the subject is H-level in certain departments.

The numbers in parenthesis following the name of the subject, for example, (4-0-8), represent the time distribution of the subject, showing in sequence the units allotted to recitation and lecture; laboratory, design, or fieldwork; and preparation. The total credit for a subject is obtained by adding together all the units shown.

"Units arranged" indicates that credit units are specially arranged by the instructor. Tuition is charged on a per unit basis for those not registered full time.