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2018 BioMAN Summit

Last year was a banner year for US cell and gene therapy manufacturers, with FDA approvals of two CAR T cell therapies and an in vivo gene therapy. Industry is working hard to solve the challenges associated with commercializing these exciting products.

MIT's Center for Biomedical Innovation BioMAN Program will host a 2-day Summit that explores the lessons learned from these recent product approvals and the critical role technology innovation plays in insuring that these important biologic medicines reach the patients who need them.

The 2018 BioMAN Summit will bring together thought leaders from industry, academia, and government for a series of invited presentation and panel discussions that will:

  • Identify where industry has made significant progress in developing enabling technologies for these products
  • Investigate the most significant outstanding needs for process and analytical technologies to enable scaling of cell and gene therapy manufacturing operations
  • Examine recent advances and outstanding needs in cell characterization technologies
  • Learn about next-generation cell and gene therapy products and what new technologies will be required to bring them to patients
  • Discuss opportunities for pre-competitive collaboration to facilitate advancement of biomanufacturing operations and ensure patient access to cell and gene therapy products
-Keynote Speakers-
Professor Bruce Levine, University of Pennsylvania
Professor Guangping Gao, University of Massachusetts Medical School (invited)
Dr. Peter Marks, USFDA
- Speakers-
Daniel Anderson, MIT
Vivian Choi, Shire
Martin Giedlin, Poseida Therapeutics
Colin Hebert, Lumacyte
Onur Kas, MilliporeSigma
Stephen Kennedy & Lisa Larkin, Histogenics/University of Michigan
Philip Lee, Senti Biosciences
Harshyaa Makhija, MIT SMART
Trent Munro, Amgen
Nicole Paulk, UCSF
Casey Quinn, MIT FoCUS
Rajeev Ram & Harry Lee, MIT/Pharyx
Mimi Roy, Biomarin
Greg Russoti, Celgene
Aletta Schnitzler, MilliporeSigma
Elizabeth Schwarzbach, New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute
Krystyn van Vliet, MIT
Fraser Wright, Axovant
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