2019 Summit

ATMPs such as cell and gene therapies have demonstrated efficacy in indications ranging from oncology to rare genetic diseases. With these demonstrated successes, and with the promise that ATMPs could successfully treat even more common disease indications such as diabetes, the challenge remains of ensuring that these medicines are accessible to the patients who need them.

MIT’s Center for Biomedical Innovation BioMAN Program explores how we can meet the needs of patients by sustaining this vibrant and growing industry sector.

The 2019 BioMAN Summit brings together thought leaders from industry, academia, and government for a series of invited presentations and panel discussions that will:

  • Examine the main factors that will impact widespread adoption of ATMPs, including cost of goods, manufacturing scalability, supply chain issues, and financing, and how innovations in technology and policy can address these challenging issues
  • Identify the advances in analytical technologies needed to increase understanding of ATMP products and processes and how these will improve manufacturing process design and control and increase product quality
  • Investigate how applying technology innovation across the product development lifecycle can increase the probability of successful development and commercialization of these important medicines
  • Discover how the work of MIT scientists and other regional clinicians, researchers, and manufacturers is advancing the state-of-the-art in ATMP science
  • Explore the role of collaboration in accelerating development, manufacturing, and regulatory approval for these novel modalities
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