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Spring 2013 Workshop
Cambridge, MA
May 2-3, 2013


Thursday, May 2

Oil Price Speculation
    Robert S. Pindyck and Christopher R. Knittel, MIT PDF - Paper Link
    Ivan Petrella, Birkbeck College University of London PDF - Paper Link
Political Pressure and Energy Policy
    Jennifer Peck, MIT PDF
    Christopher Warshaw PDF

    Dimitris Bertsimas, MIT Paper Link
    Big Data

Estimating Environmental Damage
    Michael Greenstone, MIT Paper Link
    Nicholas J. Sanders, College of William and Mary PDF

Shaping Fuel Economy in Automobiles
    Joshua Linn, Resources for the Future PDF
    Cynthia Williams, Ford Motor Company PDF

    Robert N. Stavins, Harvard University
    The Prognosis for U.S. Climate Policy Following the Inaugural and State of the Union Addresses

Friday, May 3

Retail Choice in Electricity Markets
    Steven L. Puller, Texas A&M University PDF
    James Galvin, Luminant Energy PDF

Electricity Market Design on Two Sides of the Atlantic
    Bernd-Michael Zinow, EnBW PDF
    William W. Hogan, Harvard University PDF

 *If a speaker has made his or her presentation available, a link is shown next to the name. In some cases no presentation is available for public distribution.