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Fall 2011 Workshop
Cambridge, MA
November 3-4, 2011


Thursday, 3 November

Shale Gas and the Environment
    John M. Deutch, MIT  PDF
    Paul Smith, Talisman Energy, Inc.  

Global Supply and Demand for Natural Gas
    Sergey Paltsev, MIT   PDF
    Todd Onderdonk, ExxonMobil Corporation  PDF

    Vladimir Bulovic, MIT
    Science and Solar Energy

The Cost of Intermittency in Generation
    Stanley S. Reynolds, University of Arizona  PDF
    Paul L. Joskow, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and MIT  PDF

Global Oil Supply
    James L. Smith, Southern Methodist University  PDF  Paper
    Edgard H. Habib, Chevron Corporation  PDF

Reception and Dinner
    Edward S. Steinfeld, MIT
    China's Push into New Energy Technology: Is this America's 'Sputnik' Moment?

Friday, 4 November

The Integrity of Energy Futures Markets as Trading Technology Evolves
    Andrei A. Kirilenko, Commodity Futures Trading Commission  PDF
    Jerry W. Markham, Florida International University  PDF

MIT Future of the Grid Study
    Richard Schmalensee, MIT
    Richard P. O'Neill, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission  PDF

 *If a speaker has made his or her presentation available, a link is shown next to the name. In some cases no presentation is available for public distribution.