EPRG & CEEPR Joint Annual Conference
hosted by Centrica
London, 22-23 September 2011


Thursday, 22 September

Interaction between policy interventions
   The California experience – Christopher Knittel, MIT     PDF
   Some inconvenient economics of Energy and Climate Policy – Michael Pollitt, EPRG     PDF

Risk and investment in low-carbon technology
   Relative Risks and Rewards in Low-Carbon Power Generation: An Asset Developer and Owner's Perspective– Sarwjit Sambhi, Centrica     PDF
   Helpful Tips on Risk & Investment in Low Carbon Generation– John Parsons, MIT     PDF

Securing Capacity
   Incentivizing Investment in Generation Capacity – Christian Winzer, EPRG     PDF
   Are Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms Needed to Ensure Generation Adequacy – Gunnar Lundberg, Vattenfall     PDF

   Anatol Lieven, Department of War Studies, King's College, London

Friday, 23 September

The future of the grid
   The MIT future of the electric grid study – Richard Schmalensee, MIT     PDF
   Impact of wind and solar generation on the electricity markets of europe – James Cox, Poyry     PDF

Natural Gas Markets: Security and Carbon Reduction
   Gas supply security policy – Pierre Noel, EPRG     PDF
   Natural Gas Makets: Security and Carbon Reduction – Dieter Krapp, Shell     PDF

 *If a speaker has made his or her presentation available, a link is shown next to the name. In some cases no presentation is available for public distribution.