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Economic insight for the world's energy and environmental needs

Every year CEEPR hosts 2 research Workshops here in Cambridge, Massachusetts – one in the Spring and one in the Fall. These are by invitation only and attended by the Associates who support the Center, as well as by colleagues with whom we are collaborating on research, and by government and civic leaders. We cover a wide range of subjects in the energy and environment field. A sample of agenda topics and speakers is given below. We have also included agendas from the summer European Workshop that is devoted to issues in the electricity industry. This Workshop has been co-hosted by our colleagues at the Electric Policy Research Group at Cambridge University and by a rotating Associate in Europe.

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

May 15-16, 2014, Cambridge, MA
July 2-3, 2014, Madrid, Spain
November 20-21, 2014, Cambridge, MA



Past CEEPR Workshop Agendas

November 2013
The Value of Distributed Generation
Ignacio J. Perez-Arriaga, MIT
Christopher R. Clarke, Southern California Edison
Energy Efficiency
Christopher R. Knittel, MIT
Michael Greenstone, MIT
Electric Autos & Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Erin Mansur, Dartmouth College
William Chernicoff, Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
Solar Power in Developing Countries
Tavneet Suri, MIT
Rob Stoner, MIT
Fuel Prices and Airline Decisions
Nancy Rose, MIT
Robert Malina, MIT
Fuel Prices and Consumer Decisions
Justine Hastings, Brown University
Meghan Busse, Northwestern University
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
Anant Agarwal, edX
"Reinventing Education"
Severin Borenstein, University of California, Berkeley
"The troubles with regional cap and trade markets: A California Perspective"

September 2013
Utility of the Future
Ignacio J. Perez-Arriaga, MIT
Functioning of Energy Markets in the Future
Felix Höffler, EWI
Design of Price Zones
Matti Supponen, EU-Commission
Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Market Integration Schemes
Christoph Maurer, Consentec
Transmission Planning in Europe
Mats Nilsson, mnCONTEXT
Smart Regulation
Christian von Hirschhausen, TU Berlin
Future Design Issues of Wholesale Electricity Markets
Carlos Batlle, Comillas University
Future of Capacity Markets
Annegret Groebel, Bundesnetzagentur
Germany as a Solar Role Model for the World
Eicke R. Weber, Fraunhofer ISE
The Value, Costs, and Subsidies for Solar Generation in the US
John Parsons, MIT

May 2013
Oil Price Speculation
Robert S. Pindyck and Christopher R. Knittel, MIT
Ivan Petrella, Birkbeck College Unversity of London
Political Pressure and Energy Policy
Jennifer Peck, MIT
Christopher Warshaw, MIT
Estimating Environmental Damage
Michael Greenstone, MIT
Nicholas J. Sanders, College of William and Mary
Shaping Fuel Economy in Automobiles
Joshua Linn, Resources for the Future
Cynthia Williams, Ford Motor Company
Retail Choice in Electricity Markets
Steven L. Puller, Texas A&M University
James Galvin, Luminant Energy
Electricity Market Design on Two Sides of the Atlantic
Bernd-Michael Zinow, EnBW
William W. Hogan, Harvard University
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
Dimitris Bertsimas, MIT
"Big Data"
Robert N. Stavins, Harvard University
"The Prognosis for U.S. Climate Policy Following the Inaugural and State of the Union Addresses"
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November 2012
The Value and Impact of Renewables
Richard Schmalensee, MIT
Ignacio Perez-Arriaga and Carlos Batlle, MIT and
    Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica
Environmental Impacts of Unconventional Oil and Gas Development
Lucija Anna Muehlenbachs, Resources for the Future
Scott Anderson, Environmental Defense
Energy Efficiency
Hunt Allcott, New York University
Harvey G. Michaels, MIT
Panel on the Impact of Financial Reform on Risk Management at Energy Companies
Lopa Parikh, Edison Electric Institute
William Hederman, Deloitte & Touche LLP
John E. Parsons, MIT
Robert R. Reilley, Shell Energy North America
Environmental Regulations in Developing Countries
Michael Greenstone, MIT
Rohini Pande, Havard Unversity
The Impact of Renewable Fuel Standards
Farzad Taheripour, Purdue University
Christopher R. Knittel, MIT
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT
"Race Against the Machine"
Steven E. Koonin, New York University
"Energy Policy after the U.S. Election"
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July 2012
Transmission Policy and the Single Market
David Newbery, EPRG
Richard Schmalensee, MIT
EU Electricity: Single Market or Regulatory Patchwork?
Fabien Roques, CERA
Hans ten Berge, Eurelectric
Baltic Energy Markets & Policy
Pierre Noël, EPRG
Johan Linnarsson, Fortum
Energy Innovation
Rutger-Jan Lange, EPRG
Richard K. Lester, MIT
Global Gas
Laszlo Varró, IEA
Bethan Pugh, Shell
Electrification of Autos
Christopher R. Knittel, MIT
Thomas Theisen, RWE
Dinner Speaker
Lars Bergman, President, IAEE
"Looking to 2050: an Economist's View"
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May 2012
Cybersecurity on the Grid
Miguel Sanchez-Fornie, Iberdrola
Jerrold M. Grochow, MIT
Fuel Taxes and Emissions
Ian Parry, International Monetary Fund
Christopher R. Knittel, MIT
Shale Gas and the Environment
Kathleen A. McGinty, Weston Solutions
William F. Whitsitt, Devon Energy
Electricity Capacity Markets
Paul L. Joskow, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and MIT
Steven Stoft
Meeting the New CAFE Standards
John B. Heywood, MIT
Meredith L. Fowlie, Univeristy of California, Berkeley, and Kate Whitefood, National Academy of Engineering
Renewable Electricity and Cycling Costs
Ignacio Perez-Arriaga, MIT and IIT, and Carlos Batlle, IIT
Isabel Flores, ERCOT
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
Donald R. Sadoway, MIT
Roberto Rigobon, MIT
"Real Time Economics, and the Current Landscape"
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November 2011
Shale Gas and the Environment
John M. Deutch, MIT
Paul Smith, Talisman Energy, Inc.
Global Supply and Demand for Natural Gas
Sergey Paltsev, MIT
Todd Onderdonk, ExxonMobil Corporation
The Cost of Intermittency in Generation
Stanley S. Reynolds, University of Arizona
Paul L. Joskow, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and MIT
Global Oil Supply
James L. Smith, Southern Methodist University
Edgard H. Habib, Chevron Corporation
The Integrity of Energy Futures Markets as Trading Technology Evolves
Andrei A. Kirilenko, Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Jerry W. Markham, Florida International University
The Future of the US Grid
Richard Schmalensee, MIT
Richard P. O'Neill, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
Vladimir Bulovic, MIT
"Science and Solar Energy"
Edward S. Steinfeld, MIT
"China's Push into New Energy Technology: Is this America's 'Sputnik' Moment?"
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September 2011
EPRG & CEEPR Joint Annual Conference
hosted by Centrica

Interaction between policy interventions
The California experience – Christopher Knittel, MIT
Some inconvenient economics of Energy and Climate Policy – Michael Pollitt, EPRG
Risk and investment in low-carbon technology
Relative Risks and Rewards in Low-Carbon Power Generation: An Asset Developer and Owner's Perspective– Sarwjit Sambhi, Centrica
Helpful Tips on Risk & Investment in Low Carbon Generation– John Parsons, MIT
Securing Capacity
Incentivizing Investment in Generation Capacity – Christian Winzer, EPRG
Are Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms Needed to Ensure Generation Adequacy – Gunnar Lundberg, Vattenfall
The future of the grid
The MIT future of the electric grid study – Richard Schmalensee, MIT
Impact of wind and solar generation on the electricity markets of europe – James Cox, Poyry
Natural Gas Markets: Security and Carbon Reduction
Gas supply security policy – Pierre Noel, EPRG
Natural Gas Makets: Security and Carbon Reduction – Dieter Krapp, Shell
Dinner Speaker
Anatol Lieven, Department of War Studies, King's College, London
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Spring 2011
EPA Regulations, Generation Capacity & Reliability
Susan F. Tierney, Analysis Group
Bruce H. Braine, American Electric Power
Impacts of US Environmental Regulation on Firm Behavior and Costs
Stephen P. Ryan, MIT
Michael Greenstone, MIT
Carbon Regulation and Land Use
Christopher R. Knittel, MIT
Bruce A. Babcock, Iowa State University
Demand Response
Nancy Rose, MIT
Lawrence Oliva, Southern California Edison
Incentivizing Investments in Transmission
Johannes Kindler, Federal Network Agency Germany
Richard P. O'Neill, Federal Energy Regulatory
MIT Future of the Grid Study
Richard Schmalensee, MIT
Charles G. Rossmann, Southern Company
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
Christopher M. Reddy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
"Environmental Consequences of the Gulf Oil Spill"
Richard G. Newell, Energy Information Administration
"Energy & Financial Markets"

Fall 2010
Policies for Renewable Energy
Dwayne Breger, Massachusetts Dept of Energy Resources
Richard Schmalensee, MIT
The NOx Trading Program
Meredith L. Fowlie, University of California, Berkeley
Michael Greenstone, MIT
The Future of the Grid
John G. Kassakian, MIT
John Norden, ISO New England, Inc.
Natural Gas Markets
Sergey Paltsev, MIT
László Varró, MOL
Policies for Environmental Liabilities
Matthew White, ISO New England, Inc.
John E. Parsons, MIT
The Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Alan Hanson, Areva
Charles W. Forsberg, MIT
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
Jonathan Gruber, MIT
"Health Care Reform"
Jeremy Stein, Harvard University
"Financial Reform"

September 30-October 1, 2010
MIT-IEEJ Energy and Global Change Workshop:
Looking to the Future
Keidanren Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan

Climate Science and Policy Post-Copenhagen
State of Climate Science/Forecasting Issues – Ronald Prinn, MIT-JPSPGC
Post-Copenhagen Prospects – Henry Jacoby, MIT-JPSPGC
Asian Energy Outlook: Implications for Energy Security and Climate Change
Asian Energy Outlook: Implications for Energy Security and Climate Change – Ryoichi Komiyama, University of Tokyo
Asian Energy Supply and Demand Forecasts – Sergey Paltsev, MIT-JPSPGC
The Future of Natural Gas
MIT Gas Study Results – Henry Jacoby, MIT-JPSPGC
Prospects for the Future of Natural Gas: Its Role in the Climate Change – Shigeru Muraki, Tokyo Gas Company, Ltd.
Future of Coal
Coal Sector with and without Carbon Capture – Sergey Paltsev, MIT-JPSPGC
Facilitating Development and Deployment of High-Efficiency Coal Technologies – Takashi Irie, EPDC
The Future of the Electric Grid and Implications for Renewable Energy
The MIT Future of the Electric Grid Study – Richard Schmalensee, MIT-CEEPR
The CRIEPI Next Generation Grid Research – Hiroshi Asano, CRIEPI
Future Challenges for Nuclear Power Generation
Challenges for Japanese Electric Power Companies for Nuclear Power Generation – Kimitoshi Yahagi, TEPCO
EDF Sustainable Nuclear Production Challengers and Adaptation to Market Needs– Michel Debes, EDF
Dinner Speaker
Masaaki Kimura, Director  General, Agency of Natural Resources & Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan

July 2010, Berlin
EPRG & CEEPR Joint Annual Conference
hosted by EnBW

European Policy Targets
European Policy Targets – David Newbery, EPRG
How Binding are the EU's 'Binding' Renewables Targets? – Angus Johnston, Law Faculty and EPRG, University of Cambridge
Market Transparency / Distribution Business Models
Regulating Power Markets: Challenges Ahead and Initiatives Towards More Transparency of Power Trading – Matthias Kurth, Bundesnetzagentur
Impacts of Decarbonisation and New Technology on UK Energy Supplier / Distributor Relationship – Petter Allison, British Gas
Wholesale Market Design
Capacity Markets: Principles and What’s Happening in the US – Ben Hobbs, Johns Hopkins & EPRG
Capacity Remuneration in Europe: New Needs in the Context of the New Renewable Policy – Carlos Vazquez, Gas Natural-Union Fenosa
Promoting Competition
Competition Enforcement in the Generation and Wholesale Marketsd – Andreas Mundt, Bundeskartellamt
An ex ante economic assessment of the new French electricity law – François Lévêque, Ecole des Mines Paris-Tech
Electricity Transmission
Towards an Adequate Electricity Transmission Policy – Ignacio Pérez Arriaga, Comillas & MIT
Challenges and Scenarios for Transmission Systems in Europe and Germany – Christoph Maurer, Consentec
The Carbon Content of Trade
Kyoto and the Carbon Content of International Trade – Gabriel Felbermayr, Universität Hohenheim
Will Border Carbon Adjustments Work? – Niven Winchester, MIT
Luncheon Speaker
Christian Buchel, EnBW
“Future challenges of energy markets and energy systems”

Spring 2010

Solar Technologies
Robert C. Armstrong, MIT
Roland Schindler, Fraunhofer CSE
Oil Supply and Country Governance
Gilbert E. Metcalf, Tufts University
Ramon Juan Espinasa, Inter-American Development Bank
Financial Reform and Commodity Derivatives
Andrea Korr, Bundesnetzagentur (The German Network Regulator)
John E. Parsons, MIT
Smart Meters and Smart Grids
Harvey G. Michaels, MIT
Ted Schultz, Duke Energy Corporation
Electrification of Transportation
David J. Perreault and Khurram Afridi, MIT
John M. Miller, Maxwell Technologies, Inc.
Winners and Losers in US Carbon Legislationy
Sebastian Rausch, MIT
A. Denny Ellerman, MIT
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
"Brain Research"
- Robert Desimone, McGovern Institute, MIT
"US Energy Policy"
- Michael Greenstone, MIT

Fall 2009
Integrating Renewables onto the Grid
Ignacio Perez-Arriaga, MIT & Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Juan Rivier, Iberdrola
Energy Policy in China
Edward S. Steinfeld, MIT
Kelly Sims Gallagher, Tufts University
New Energy Technologies: Biofuels and Batteries
Gregory Stephanopoulos, MIT
Yet-Ming Chiang, MIT
Financing Energy Investments
Gilbert E. Metcalf, Tufts University
John E. Parsons, MIT
Demand Response in Electricity Markets
Hunt Allcott, MIT
Henry Yoshimura, ISO-NE
US Climate and Energy Policy
Michael Greenstone, MIT and Council of Economic Advisers
Jason Grumet, Bipartisan Policy Center
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
- Deborah G. Ancona, Sloan School MIT
"Arabia and Adjacent Areas in the Energy Times to Come"
- Ambassador Chas Freeman

July 2009, Brussels
EPRG & CEEPR Joint Annual Conference
hosted by GDF-Suez

Is Liberalisation Passé?
United States – Richard Schmalensee, MIT-CEEPR
Great Britain – Michael Pollitt, EPRG Cambridge University
The Electricity Generation Gap
Generation capacity in Europe by 2020 – Fabien Roques, CERA and CIRED
Financing generation through long-term contracts – John Parsons, MIT-CEEPR
Delivering Renewables Deployment
Implementing the EU renewables directive – Karsten Neuhoff, EPRG
25% Renewable in the US – Michael Toman, World Bank
Solar Power
Pushing solar into the grid – Joshua Linn, MIT-CEEPR
Solar power for Europe from North Africa – Till Stenzel, Hazel Capital
Climate Policy
Global carbon markets and mechanisms – Michael Grubb, EPRG
US policy – A. Denny Ellerman, MIT-CEEPR
Geopolitics of Natural Gas
The future of the EU-Russia gas relationship – Pierre Noel, EPRG
The future of LNG – Jean-Luc Colonna, GDF-Suez
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
Geoff Bertram, Victoria University of Wellington
“From the Antipodes: Climate Policy in New Zealand”
Jean-Pierre Hansen, GDF-Suez
“A European Energy Policy?”

Spring 2009
Efficiency, from Cars to Homes
Joshua Linn, University of Illinois & MIT
Martha Amram, HomeZ
Gerald C. Nelson, International Food Policy Research Institute
Kenneth M. Strzepek, University of Colorado & MIT
Natural Gas Supply
Tony Meggs, MIT
Christian von Hirschhausen, TU Dresden and DIW
Smart Grid
Ignacio Perez-Arriaga, Universidad Pontificia Comillas & MIT
Daniel E. Francis, American Electric Power
Lucas W. Davis, University of Michigan & MIT
Richard A. Hornbeck, MIT
Update on the Future of Nuclear
Ernie Moniz, MIT
John E. Parsons and Guillaume De Roo, MIT
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
"The Global Crisis: Is It Over Yet?"
- Simon Johnson, Sloan School MIT
"Short-Term and Long-Term Challenges for U.S. Fiscal Policy"
- James M. Poterba, MIT

Fall 2008

Future Scenarios for Global Energy
Andrew Slaughter, Shell
Henry (Jake) Jacoby, MIT
Issues in the Design of a US Carbon Regime
Gilbert E. Metcalf, Tufts University
A. Denny Ellerman, MIT
Xavier Gitiaux, Total and MIT
John Courtis, California Air Resources Board
Oil Prices and Financial Speculation
Michael Masters, Masters Capital Management
James Hamilton, UC San Diego
Electricity Market Design
Mats Nilsson, Vattenfall
Hung-po Chao, ISO New England Inc.
Incentive Regulation
Christoph Müller, EnBW
Ignacio Perez-Arriaga, Universidad Pontificia Comillas and MIT
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
"Perspectives on the Current Financial Crisis"
- Andrew W. Lo, Sloan School MIT
"Resources for the Future" - Phil Sharp

July 2008
Integrating Climate Policy & Renewables Targets
Pedro Linares, Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Christian Egenhofer, Centre for European Policy Studies
Developments in Nuclear Technology
Mujid Kazimi, MIT
Noel Camarcat, EDF
Carbon Sequestration
Lars Strömberg, Vattenfall
Xi Liang and David Reiner, EPRG
Wind Power Technology
João Peças Lopes, University of Porto
Christian von Hirschhausen, Technical University
Governance of Electricity Networks
David Newbery, EPRG
Jean-Michel Glachant, University of Paris IX
Energy Efficiency
Christophe Marchand, EDF
Shaun Fitzgerald, University of Cambridge
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
Bruno Lescoeur, Senior Executive Vice President, EDF
"Long Term Challenges: CO2 Emissions or Resources?" - Paul Caseau, Academy of Technologies

Spring 2008
The Costs of Controlling Carbon Emission
Kenneth J. Ostrowski, McKinsey & Company
Richard G. Newell, Duke University
Transportation and Energy
William C. Wheaton, MIT
Nathaniel Baum-Snow, Brown University
Oil, Macroeconomics and the International Economy
Olivier Blanchard, MIT
Kristin J. Forbes, MIT
Competitive Electricity Markets
Steven L. Puller, Texas A&M University
Xiaochun Zhang, North China Electric Power University
John E. Parsons, MIT
Emissions Allocations and Trading
Meredith L. Fowlie, University of Michigan
A. Denny Ellerman, MIT
Contracts and Financing for New Investments
Jim Matheson, Flagship Ventures
John E. Parsons, MIT
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
Sub Prime Lending - Paul S. Willen, Federal Reserve Bank, Boston
Jesús Reyes-Heroles, PEMEX

The EU ETS: Perspective and Lessons

Washington DC, January 2008
Allocation in the EU ETS
A. Denny Ellerman, MIT
Barbara Buchner, International Energy Agency
David Harrison, NERA
The EUA Market: Who is Trading?
Anais Delbosc, Raphael Trotignon and Emilie Alberola,
Mission Climat
Philippe Ambrosi, IBRD
CO2 Price Effects on EU Industry
Neil Walker, University College
Julia Reinaud, International Energy Agency
CO2 Price Effects on the German Power Sector
Felix Matthes, Öko-Institut
Jean-Yves Caneill, Electricité de France
CO2 Price Effects Outside the EU-ETS: Domestic and Foreign Offsets
Christian de Perthuis and Benoît Leguet, Mission Climat
Abyd Karmali, Merrill Lynch
Containing CO2 Costs: The Safety Valve Revisited
Mort Webster, MIT
William A. Pizer, Resources for the Future

Fall 2007
Electricity Congestion
Henrick Gåverud, Swedish Energy Agency
Paul L. Joskow, MIT
Integrated Oil and Gas Markets
Romain Lacombe and John E. Parsons, MIT
Jose Villar, Energy Information Agency
Liquidity in Energy Market
Jeff Harris, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Dean L. Wilde, DC Energy
US Climate and Energy Policy
A. Denny Ellerman MIT
William B. Bonvillian, MIT
Regulating Energy Markets
Lucas W. Davis, University of Michigan
Matthew White, Wharton
Renewables at Scale
John Reilly, MIT
Chien Wang, MIT
Luncheon Speaker
"Sarbanes Oxley" - Ryan LaFond, MIT
Paul's Going Away

7th Joint Cambridge-MIT Electricity Policy Conference
London, September 2007

EU Competition Policy
EU Energy Sector Inquiry - Alistair Buchanan, Chief Executive, Ofgem
Energy sector competition policy: unbundling – David Newbery, EPRG
Integrating Electricity Markets
Strengths and weaknesses of Independent System Operators without ownership unbundling -Paul Joskow, MIT
Market integration: the Benelux case - Bert den Ouden, CEO APX
Security of gas supply – politics and policies
Does Europe Need an External Energy Policy? - Pierre Noel, EPRG
Addressing UK gas security of supply - Christof Rühl, BP
Reducing the carbon intensity of electricity
The Future of Coal, with special reference to carbon sequestration and storage - Howard Herzog, MIT
Technology policy to support the development of low-C technologies - Karsten Neuhoff, EPRG
Meeting the investment challenge facing energy networks
Future structure and regulation of transmission networks in Europe - Yves Smeers, CORE, Catholic University of Louvain
Regulating network investment and quality of service - Michael Pollitt, EPRG
The future of climate policies and emissions trading
Post 2012 framework ETS/Kyoto interaction - Michael Grubb and Karsten Neuhoff, EPRG
Evolving US policy towards carbon caps and climate change - Denny Ellerman, MIT
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
"Economics and energy policy" - Jean Tirole, IDEI, Toulouse
"The prospects for effective climate change policies" - Sir Nicholas Stern, London School of Economics

Spring 2007
US State GHG Limitation Programs
A. Denny Ellerman, MIT
Dan Richard, formerly Pacific Gas and Electric
Renewables in the MIT Energy Initiative
Paul D. Sclavounos, MIT
Jefferson W. Tester, MIT
China Electricity Consumption
Richard S. Eckaus and Malcolm O. Asadoorian, MIT
Richard K. Lester, MIT
Estimating Oil Reserves
David Elliott, Alberta Securities Commission
John E. Parsons, MIT
Energy Efficiency
Leon R. Glicksman, MIT
Gilbert E. Metcalf, Tufts University
NOx Regulations
Praveen Amar, NESCAUM
Katherine C. Martin and Paul L. Joskow, MIT
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
"New Ways of Looking at the Earth" - Christopher N. Hill, MIT
"Bridging the Gap between Technology and Practice" - Rebecca M. Henderson, MIT

Fall 2006
Smart Trading - Time Differentiated NOX Regulations
Katherine C. Martin, MIT
Arnico K. Panday, MIT
Carbon Emissions Trading and National Allocations
A. Denny Ellerman, MIT
Leigh S. Raymond, Purdue University
Carbon Capture Technologies for Electric Generation
Bruce H. Braine, American Electric Power
Howard J. Herzog, MIT
Developing Corporate Strategy in the Face of Uncertain Carbon Regulations
Charles Rossmann, Southern Company
Gunnar Lundberg, Vattenfall
Paul L. Joskow, MIT
Climate Change, Mortality, and Adaptation: Evidence from Annual Fluctuations in Weather in the US
Michael Greenstone, MIT
Ted Gayer, Georgetown University
Hedging Oil and Gas Prices
Leonid Kogan, MIT
John E. Parsons, MIT
Luncheon and Dinner Speakers
"New Developments in Management Education" - Richard Schmalensee, MIT
"Latin America to the Left" - Roberto Rigobon, MIT