Ogg Vorbis I format specification: embedding Vorbis into an Ogg stream

Last update to this document: July 14, 2002


This document describes using Ogg logical and physical transport streams to encapsulate Vorbis compressed audio packet data into file form.

_Ogg Vorbis I format specification: high-level description_ provides an overview of the construction of Vorbis audio packets.

The _Ogg bitstream overview_ and Ogg logical bitstream and framing spec_ provide detailed descriptions of Ogg transport streams. This specification document assumes a working knowledge of the concepts covered in these named backround documents. Please read them first.


The Ogg/Vorbis I specification currently dictates that Ogg/Vorbis streams use Ogg transport streams in degenerate, unmultiplexed form only. That is: This is not to say that it is not currently possible to multiplex Vorbis with other media types into a multi-stream Ogg file. At the time this document was written, Ogg was becoming a popular container for low-bitrate movies consisting of DiVX video and Vorbis audio. However, a 'Vorbis I audio file' is taken to imply Vorbis audio existing alone within a degenerate Ogg stream. A compliant 'Vorbis audio player' is not required to implement Ogg support beyond the specific support of Vorbis within a degenrate ogg stream (naturally, application authors are encouraged to support full multiplexed Ogg handling).

MIME type

The correct MIME type of any Ogg file is application/x-ogg. However, if a file is a Vorbis I audio file (which implies a degenerate Ogg stream including only unmultiplexed Vorbis audio), the mime type audio/x-vorbis is also allowed.


Ogg encapsulation of a Vorbis packet stream is straightforward.

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