3.11 Japan Memorial Charity
- Remembrance of Earthquake and Tsunami -

Thank you very much for your support in various ways and warm contribution in "3.11 Japan Memorial Charity Japanese Tea Ceremony" on Sunday, March 3, 2013. This series of charity event is to commemorate the North-Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster that happened on March 11, 2011.

The total amount of $2068 was donated to the Bright Green Ribbon foundation in Iwate, Japan. Their objective is to directly support young students, who eager for higher education, by providing them financial support. Below is their website posting on the information on our contribution. Though they do not have English version, please visit and support them.

Thank you for your contribution, with respect:

IACE Travel Boston
Ebisuya Japanese Market
Shiki Fine Japanese Cuisine
Oga's Japanese Cuisine
Northeastern University fundraiser

Mr. TB
Ms. IK
Ms. AT
Ms. MM
Ms. AG
Ms. KM

and all the guests, who joined us on 3/3/13.

Sponsored by MIT Women's League and Spouses&Partners@MIT.
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