3.11 Japan Memorial Charity 2013
- Remembrance of Earthquake and Tsunami -

Sunday, March 3, 2013

RSVP by Monday, February 25, 2012

Free admission
We greatly appreciate donation, suggested amount from $20
*Donations without participation in Ceremony or at the door is also appreciated

Each session is about an hour-long, includes Japanese Tea Ceremony performance with Japanese confectionery and green tea in a traditional tea room, and a slideshow of photos taken at cities which were affected by the disaster.

Children are welcome to join!
Babysitter available upon request

This charity event is to commemorate the North-Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster that happened on March 11, 2011. We hope to support the survivors to improve their living conditions, rebuild the area, and for each of us to remember the tragedy.

The major part of the areas where struck by the earthquake and Tsunami started to recover and rebuild little by little, but is still suffering from the long-existing damages. Even with all the donations and funds collected by countless organizations, groups, and individuals from all over the world, they are still experiencing difficulty making improvements from the destructions. With a great help of our supporters, we hope to become a part to help Japan's retrieval of the losses from the affects.

We believe that we learned something important from this incident. Please do not overlook what happened on March 11, 2011, and how the struggles have been made. Take this opportunity for memorials and to support.

"Peacefulness through a Bowl of Tea" is phrased by Sen Genshitsu, the Great Grandmaster of Urasenke Japanese Tea Ceremony. He has always been flying around the world to spread the Japanese Tea Ceremony along with peacefulness; to share one bowl of tea together with all. We, as a part of his family clan, attempt to succeed his expression in the United States as well.
As a extent of our effort, we try our best to support Japan to come together to successfully overcome the tragedy.

"3.11 Japan Memorial Charity" will benefit a nonprofit organization, Bright Green Ribbon, based in Iwate, Japan. Their intention is to directly support young survivors, who eager for higher education, yet unable to enroll in college/university, by providing them at most of ¥300,000 (approximately 3,000 in USD).
Below is their website. They do not have an English version, but please visit and support.

This event is organized by Kyoko Wada, Urasenke Tea School Instructor
Supported by Spouses&Partners@MIT

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Download and print out the registration form (clicking this link will automatically download the file). Fill out and send it to the designated address at the bottom of the form.
* Seats are limited and will be reserved on "first come, first served" basis.
Step 2:
We will send you a confirmation reply via e-mail. Please present your name at the door.

- Location -
"Sanzashi-An" Tea House at Showa Boston Institute (direction)
420 Pond St. Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Showa shuttle bus service may be available upon your request.
No public transportation services available on Sundays.

Sponsored by MIT Women's League and Spouses&Partners@MIT.
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