1) Go, Go;  Go Tech Go
    2) To the G;  To the O;  Yell Go, Go
    3) Go, Go Tech;  Everybody Yell, Go Tech
    4) Go, Go, G-O;  Go Tech Go
    5) G-O, Lets Go Lets Go;  G-O Let’s Go
    6) G-O, Let’s Go Tech; G-O Let’s Go

   7) Hey, Hey, What Do You Say;
    8) Red and White Lets Go, Go; 
        Red and White Lets Go
    9) Go Red Let’s Fight; Fight White Lets Win
        Go Red, Fight White; Go, Fight, Win
  10) Red, and White;  (clap clap clap)
        Tech Lets Fight

  11) H-U-S, T-L-E, Hustle for a Victory
        Hustle, Tech, Hustle
  12) Tech Wants Action;  A-C-T, I-O-N
        Tech Wants Action
  13) V, V-I, C-T-O-R-Y
  14) All the Way, All the Way, Go Tech
  15) Beat those ____; Goo Tech, Goo Tech
  16) F-I (clap clap) G-H-T (clap clap)
        Fight, For, A victory (clap clap)
  17) We Dominate, We Devastate,
        We blow you away
        MIT is #1, and we are here to stay.
  18) Tech Fans we wanna see you
         2x (Stomp and Shake it)
  19) Lets Go Tech, Fire It Up, Fire Fire It UP
  20) Tech Fans, Victory;
        Stand Up and Yell With Me.
        [V, I – C – T, O, R – Y] x ∞
  21) Tech, Come on yell with me;
        F, I , G – H – T.    F, I, G – H – T.
  22) S, S – C, S – C – O – R – E.
  23) F – I – R – E (clap) U – P.  Fire it up, hey
        So Fire It Up.
  24) S – P – I,  R – I – T.  Spirit, Lets Hear It!

  25) M-I-T; Move It Tech, Let’s Go
  26) S – C – O – R – E; Score Tech Score.
  27) Offense, Offense; Score, Score

  28) Defense, Just Do It
  29) De-fense;  D, D, D; Defense (clap)
  30) De-fense, (clap clap) De-fense Go.
  31) T – A, K – E;  Take that Ball Away
  32) 2 x [ Defense, (clap clap) ]
  33) Take That Ball Away;  Defense, Get Tough!

  34) Move That Ball, Down That Field;
        Towndown, Tech, Score
  35) Touchdown, Tech; Score Six More.
  36) First And Ten, Do It Again; Go, Go

   37) Defense, Hold ‘Em, Stop That Line
    38) Block that Kick Tech; Block That Kick

   39) Basket, Basket; We Want 2 (clap clap clap)
   40) Down the Floor, Down the Floor; Shoot It, Score
   41) P – U – T, I – T, I – N, (pause) Put It In.
   42) Shoot 2, Shoot 2; Come on Tech Lets Shoot for 2
   43) Tech; Take It, To the Hoop
   44) Basket Tech, Score 2 More
   45) Move that Ball, Down that Court; Score 2 Mor

   46) R – E – B – O – U – N – D, (stomps)
          R – E – B – O – U – N – D, Rebound
   47) Defense, Move It; Get that Ball
   48) Steal It, Steal It;  Take It Away
        We Want the Ball to Go, The Other Way

 1) Tech Fans, Are You Ready  (clap clap clap).  M – I – T.
     Yell M, M.  Now Gimme an I, I.  Now Gimme a T, T.  M-I-T.

 2) Come on Tech, You can do it, put a little power to it
      P-O-W-E-R, we got the power, cuz we are the, Engineers.
     And we said it, and we meant it.  And we’re here to represent it
     Cuz we are the, Engineers.  Hit it: 3 x [ (steps), Go M – I – T. ]

 3) M – I – T.  Fans, Let’s Yell It.  Yell M – I – T.  M – I – T!
     Now stand up and Spell It.  Yell M…M!  Yell I…I!  Yell T…T!
     Yell M-I-T, M-I-T, M-I-T, M-I-T!

 4) WE ARE THE…Cheerleaders and we are here to say;
     That we will pump you up in a major way.
     We’re makin’ the grades and we’re passin’ the tests
     One look at us and you’ll know we’re the best
     So come on fans get on your feet
     And get on down to the cheerleader beat.  It goes… (steps)

 5) B-E-A-T, Beat the Tigers, Beat the Tigers, (Go,Fight,Win)

 6) Go Fight Win.  Go, Go.  Go Tech Go.  (clap clap clap)
      Fight, Fight.  Fight Tech Fight.  (clap clap clap)
      Win, Win.  Win Tech Win.  (clap clap clap)  Go Fight Win

 7) 2x[ This Side, Stand Up, And Yell for the Red and White.
     Red and White, Red and White (clap clap clap) ]
     Tech Fans, Stand Up, And Yell for the Red and White.
     Red and White, Red and White!

 8) W – I – N. Tech, Let’s Win. Yell it again. W – I – N. Win!

 9) Don’t Stop Tech.  It’s Time to Win.
     Red and White.  Let’s Do It Again!

10) When we say Tech, Yell Let’s Go.  Tech, Let’s Go.
      When we say Tech, Yell Let’s Fight.  Tech, Let’s Fight.
      When we say Tech, Yell Let’s Win.  Tech, Let’s Win.
      Put it all together crowd, Go, Fight, Win!

11) Tech Fans, Let's Yell It; Stand Up and Spell It
       2x[ B-E, B-E; A-T, A-T; Beat Those Bears ]