1)  Go, Go;  Go Tech Go
  2)  To the G;  To the O;  Yell Go, Go
  3)  Go, Go Tech; 
       Everybody Yell, Go  Tech
  4)  Go, Go, G-O;  Go Tech Go
  5)  G-O, Lets Go Lets Go;
       G-O Lets Go
  6)  G-O, Lets Go Tech,
       G-O Lets Go

  7)  Hey, Hey, What Do You Say;
       Red and White
  8)  Go Red, Fight White, Go Fight Win
  9)  Go Red Let’s Fight
       Fight White Lets Win
       Go Red, Fight White;
       Go, Fight, Win
 10) Red, and White;  (clap clap clap)              Tech Lets Fight
 11) Red & White Lets Go, Go
       Red & White Lets Go

 12)  H-U-S, T-L-E,
        Hustle for a Victory
        Hustle, Tech, Hustle
 13)  Tech Wants Action;
        A-C-T, I-O-N
        Tech Wants Action
14)  V, V-I, C-T-O-R-Y
15)  All the Way, All the Way, Go Tech
16)  Beat Those ______,
       Gooo Tech, Gooo Tech
17)  Lets Go Tech, Fire It Up,
       Fire Fire It Up
18)  We Dominate, We Devastate,
       We Blow You Away,
       MIT is #1And We are Here to Stay
 19) H-O-T  T-O  G-O,
       MIT is Hot To Go,
       2x(Whoop, Hot To Go)
 20) Tech Fans We Wanna See You
        2x (Stomp And Shake It)

 21)  M-I-T, Move It Tech Lets Go
 22)  Move That Ball,
        Down That Field
        Touchdown, Go Tech
 23) Touchdown, Tech, Score Six More
 24) S-C-O-R-E;  Score Tech Score
 25) Offense, Offense;  Score, Score
 26) First, And Ten,
       First Down Do It Again

 27) Defense, Hold ‘Em, Stop That Line
 28) Defense, Just Do It
 29) De-fense;  D, D, D;  Defense
 30) De fense;  (clap clap) De fense Go
 31) T-A, K-E;  Take that Ball Away
 32) Take That Ball Away, Defense,
       Get Tough
 33) Defense, (clap clap), Defense…..
1) Tech Fans, Are You Ready
    (clap clap clap)
  Yell M,M
  Now Gimme an I,I
  Now Gimme a T,T

2) Come on Tech, You can do it,
    put a little power to it
    P-O-W-E-R, we got the power,
    cuz we are the, Engineers
    And we said it, and we meant it,
    and we're here to represent it
    Cuz we are the, Engineers
    Hit it,(series of steps),Go M - I - T;
    (series of steps),Go M - I - T
    (series of steps),Go M - I - T.

3) M - I - T
   Fans,Lets Yell It
   YellM - I - T
   M - I - T
   Now stand up and Spell It
   Yell M,M
   Yell I,I
   Yell T,T
   Yell M-I-T,M-I-T,M-I-T,M-I-T!

4) Beavers,Here we go
   Hey crowd here's what we want
   Victory for the Beavers
   Victory for the Beavers
   V - I - C - T - O - R - Y
   Victory for the Beavers,
   Victory for the Beavers.

5) We've accepted, the challenge
   Of becoming, the best
   We're number one, we're mighty proud
   We're on a vicotory quest
   We've got pride, and spirit
   Tech is the name
   We're on the move, and out to prove
   We're gonna, win this game.

6) Tech Fans Lets Hear It, Yell
   Go Tech Go, Go Tech Go
   Tech Fans Lets Hear It Yell
   Fight Tech Fight;Fight Tech Fight
   Tech Fans Lets Hear It, Yell
   Win Tech Win,Win Tech Win
   Tech Fans Lets Hear It, Yell

   Go Fight Win, Go Fight Win,
   Go Fight Win, Go Fight Win!

7) 2x (B-E-A-T, Beat the Tigers,
    Beat the Tigers, Go)
B-E-A-T, Beat the Tigers,
Beat the Tigers, Fight
B-E-A-T, Beat the Tigers,
Beat the Tigers, Win

8) Go Fight Win
Go, go, Go Tech Go,(clap clap clap)
Fight, fight, Fight Tech fight ,(clap clap clap)
Win, win, win Tech Win,(clap clap clap)
Go Fight Win.