Interested in being on the team, but missed fall tryouts? Feel free to contact the captains directly at to express your interests. We're always excited to meet you, no matter what time it is during the year.

Fall 2008 Recruiting

Fall Tryouts will be held September 9, 11, and 13 with individual tryouts held on September 14. Tryouts will be held in DuPont Court 3 (Gymnastics Room).

Please fill out our new recruit form if you are interested in coming to our tryouts, so that we may keep you posted.


All Undergraduate and Graduate students enrolled at MIT are eligible to tryout.


The tryout material will likely consist of two cheers, a dance, stunting, and jumps. The material will be taught and performed during tryouts.


Proper attire consists of gym shorts, t-shirt, and cheer shoes or tennis shoes. Hair must be worn up and securely fastened. No jewelry of any kind may be worn. Jeans, as well as clothing with metal accessories (zippers, buttons, etc.), are not allowed. A water bottle is recommended.

FORMAL TRYOUT (September 14):

It will be preformed in front of the two captains. Everyone trying out must perform the material. There will also be an interview conducted by the captains. Below is the list of the judged material, along with the points per criteria.

Cheer (20): Execution, Precision, Motions, Voice, Facials, Crowd Involvement, Enthusiasm, Leadership

Dance (20): Rhythm, Coordination, Poise, Execution, Clean Motions

Stunts (20): Ease, Technique, Coordination, Athletic Ability

Jumps (10): Execution, Prep, Arm Placement, Jump Height, Flexibility

Tumbling (15): Execution, Athletic Ability, Coordination

Interview (15): Personality, Communication Skills, Attitude, Work Ethic


The MIT Cheer season runs September through April. Attendance is mandatory at all weekly practices (Tuesday 8-10pm, Thursday 8-10pm, and Sunday 3-5pm), Football and Basketball games, and 2-3 competitions in the Spring. Each member is allowed only three unexcused absences. Team Camp is also mandatory and will take place one weekend in September.


Can I try out if I have never cheered before?

Yes! No prior cheer experience is necessary for tryouts. In fact, some of the best Tech Cheerleaders began their cheer careers here at MIT. A large number of students that try out do not have past experience. All the necessary material for the Formal Tryout will be taught to you.

How much does it cost?

Each member must purchase Shoes $40.00, Bodysuit $20 and Bloomers $10.00. In addition there will be Club Sports dues of $60. However, financial obligations should never be a reason not to join. Contact the captains if there are any financial issues and something can be worked out.

What is the time commitment?

The practice schedule consists of 6 hours of team practice per week. Attendance is also required at home football and basketball games. Academics is very important at MIT, and therefore participation is limited to an average of 9 hours per week.