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Ph.D CEP Program: Alumni

Name/Email Undergraduate University Application Year Thesis Title/Thesis Advisor Career Path
Abhinav Akhoury IIT-Bombay 2006 Redox-Responsive Polymers for the Reversible Extraction of Butanol from Water
(Thesis advisor: T. Alan Hatton)
Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group
John Angelos University of South Carolina 2004 Fuel Effects in Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) Engines 
(Thesis advisor: William H. Green, Jr.)
Affiliate Finance; Capital Markets & Planning; Investor Relations; Upstream Treasurer's group (Gas & Power Marketing, ExxonMobil Development Company, and ExxonMobil Upstream Ventures) at ExxonMobil
Ravi Annavarapu IIT-Madras 2005 Size Based Separation of Submicron Nonmagnetic Particles Through Magnetophoresis in Structured Obstacle Arrays,  (Thesis advisor: T. Alan Hatton) Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company; Director of Strategy at FMC chemical corp.
Mihai Anton Ecole Polytechnique 2004 Equilibrium and Dynamics of Ionic Solutions 
(Thesis advisor: Gregory J. McRae)
High Frequency Trader in the Global Arbitrage Team at Credit Suisse; High Frequency Trader in the Equities Division at JP Morgan Chase; Electronic Market Maker on European equity index futures at Tibra Trading Europe
Tanguy Chau Univ Calif Berkeley 2006 Delivery, Design and Mechanism of Antimicrobial peptides 
(Thesis advisor: Robert S. Langer)
Senior Associate at McKinsey & Company; Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company
Patrick de Man Eindhoven Univ of Tech 2001 Applications of the Bayesian Approach for Experimentation and Estimation 
(Thesis advisor: Gregory J. McRae)
Associate at Lehman Brothers; Commodities Product Specialist at Lehman Brothers; VP at RBS Sempra Commodities; VP at Raiden Commodities
Andre Ditsch U Nebraska-Lincoln 2001 Purification of Recombinant Proteins with Magnetic Nanoclusters 
(Thesis advisor: T. Alan Hatton & Daniel Wang)
Consultant at McKinsey & Company; Director of Strategy at KiOR; VP of Strategy at KiOR; Retired Energy Professional
Reuben Domike Georgia Tech         2000 Pharmaceutical Powders in Experiment and Simulation
(Thesis advisor: Charles L. Cooney)
Glaxo Smith Kline; Assistant Professor at University of Prince Edward Island/Director at The Hostetter Centre for Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
Stephen Fox Carnegie Mellon      2000 Active Hypothermic Growth:  a Novel Means for Enhanced Recombinant Protein Production in CHO Cells 
(Thesis advisor: Daniel Wang)
Managing Supply Chain of Biologic-based Medicines in Technical Operations Department at Bristol-Myers Squibb; Co-founder of Android Alpha Fund
Zekeriyya Gemici Cornell University 2005 Effects and Applications of Capillary Condensation in Ultrathin Nanoparticle Assemblies 
(Thesis advisor: Robert E. Cohen)
Senior Associate at Booz & Company; Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company
Vipin Gupta IIT-Delhi      2000 Extracting Regulatory Signals from DNA Sequences Using Pattern Discovery
(Thesis advisor: Gregory Stephanopoulos)
Associate at Inductis; Manager at Analysis Group; Senior Manager at Amgen
Manish Jhunjhunwala IIT-Kharagpur      2000 Multiphase Flow and Control of Fluid Path in Microsystems (Thesis advisor: Klavs F. Jensen) Consultant at McKinsey & Company; Founder of Trefis
Anusha Kothandaraman University Of Bombay 2005 Carbon dioxide capture by chemical absorption; a solvent comparison study (Thesis advisor: Gregory J. McRae) Consultant at Boston Consulting Group; Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group
Panayiotis Lemonidis National Technical University 2003 Development of Global Optimization Algorithms for Semi-Infinite and Generalized Semi-Infinite Programs
(Thesis advisor: Paul I. Barton)
VP at Goldman Sachs
Alexander Lewis Oregon State University 2004 Positively Preserving Solutions of Partial Integro-Differential Equations (Thesis advisor: Gregory McRae) Independent Consultant; Associate at Alambic Investment Management; Business and Product Development Manager at ESI
(Ben) Chien Pang Lin University of Rochester 2006 Exploration of Parameters for the Continuous Blending of Pharmaceutical Powders  (Thesis advisor: Charles L. Cooney) Engagement Manager at LEK Consulting
Bernat Olle Rovira i Virgili University 2002 Mechanistic Modeling of Increased Oxygen Transport Using Functionalized Magnetic Fluids in Bioreactors  (Thesis advisor: T. Alan Hatton) Principal at PureTech Ventures (founding team of portfolio companies Follica Inc., Enlight Biosciences, Mandara, Vendata Biosciences; Principal at PureTech Ventures)/COO at Vendata Biosciences
Lakshman Pernenkil IIT-Madras 2003 Continuous Blending of Dry Pharmaceutical Powders  (Thesis advisor: Charles L. Cooney) Senior Manager/Associate Principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP
Mridula Pore Cambridge University 2004 Pharmaceutical Tablet Compaction:  Product and Process Design 
(Thesis advisor: Charles L. Cooney)
Engagement Manager (local UK health care systems and pharmaceutical marketing) at McKinsey and Company; Head of Portfolio at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals
Nathan Trujillo Univ Calif San Diego 2006 Environmentally Focused Petterning and Processing of Polymer Thin Films by iCVD and oCVD 
(Thesis advisor: Karen K. Gleason) 
Associate (financial and economic analysis for large IP litigation, tax structure schemes for natural resource mining) at Analysis Group
Benjamin Waters Texas A&M University 2002 Molecular Weight Modulation in Polyhydroxybutyrate Fermentations 
(Thesis advisor: Charles L. Cooney)
Financial Analyst (investing global pension funds in Treasurer's department) at ExxonMobil; Finance (divestments, letters of credit in Asia, working capital investment optimization) at ExxonMobil Chemical; Oxo/Plasticizer Global Supply Planner at ExxonMobil; Business Analyst/Financial Reporting for the Oxo/Plasticizer VP at ExxonMobil
Joanna Yu University Of Sao Paulo 2001 Estimation Method for the Thermochemical Properties of Polycyclic Aromatic Molecules 
(Thesis advisor: William H. Green, Jr.)
Prem Pavoor University Institute of Chemical Technology  2000 Tribological Applications of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers  (Thesis advisor: Robert E. Cohen) Engagement Manager at McKinsey and Company; Managing Director at Fidelity Growth Partners India
Asha Parekh IIT Kharagpur 2008 Use of Magnetic Nanoparticles in Wastewater Treatment  (Thesis advisor: T. Alan Hatton) Technology Analyst in the Chief Technology Office at BP
Jit Hin Tan Cornell University 2007 Cell-to-Cell Variability and Culture Conditions during Self-Renewal Reversibly Affect Subsequent Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells  (Thesis advisor: Clark K. Colton) Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group
Christopher Pritchard University of Oxford 2006 Biomaterials for central nervous system repair  (Thesis advisor: Robert S. Langer) Biotech consulting
Joshua Moskowitz Cornell University 2007 Controlled Release of Gentamicin from Polyelectrolyte Multilayers to Treat Implant-Related Infection 
(Thesis advisor: Paula Hammond)
Deloitte Consulting (Analytics and Data-Driven Strategy)
Shreerang Chhatre IIT-Bombay 2007 Designing Oleophobic Surfaces 
(Thesis advisor: Robert E. Cohen, Gareth H. McKinley)
Deepak Dugar IIT-New Delhi 2008 Pathways for Synthesis of Advanced Biofuels
(Thesis advisor: Gregory Stephanopoulos)