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Ph.D CEP Program: Current Student

Aly Eltayeb

"PhDCEP offers a unique opportunity to build a broad and powerful skillset."






Aly Eltayeb


Entering Year: 2010
Undergraduate University: Cairo University

Thesis Advisor: T. Alan Hatton
Thesis Title: Molecular and Process Design for Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Capture
Practice School Stations: Corning (New York) and Merck (Belgium)

Why I chose the PhDCEP Program:
I chose the PhDCEP program because I want work at the cutting edge of where technological innovations meet society's needs. PhDCEP offers a unique opportunity to build a broad and powerful skillset. It offers the opportunity to apply the scientific method in developing the next generation of innovations, and to understand the big picture and context of how innovations reach markets, fix problems and create value.

Work experience and activities:
Lund University (2004, 2006): Working on bioremediation and novel pathways for green chemicals.
Cairo University (2007): Cellulosic bioethanol from ricestraw
Illinois Institute of Technology (2008-2010): Design and modeling of a novel photobioreactor for algae production.
Business development intern at ERCC (a renewable energy company based in Cairo, Egypt, 2008).
Senior Consultant, Waste-to-Energy Infrastructure projects (International Finance Corporation/Egyptian Ministry of Finance, 2012)


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