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Undergraduate Programs

Course 10-ENG: Bachelor of Science in Engineering with Concentration


10-ENG Advisors
As a 10-ENG student, you will be assigned a specific 10-ENG advisor who is a member of the faculty and associated with your concentration topic. All 10-ENG advisors are informed of the requirements of the 10-ENG program, and can ensure that in selecting courses for the Foundational Concepts and concentration, your CI-M and laboratory requirements are completed, and the required number of engineering requirements is achieved. The Undergraduate Officer in the Department of Chemical Engineering is the key administrator for the 10-ENG program, and is available to students and 10-ENG advisors to address questions, instruct on degree requirements, and consider any petitions to the degree program. All concentrations proposed by students must be discussed and approved by the 10-ENG advisor. The proposed program is then submitted to the Undergraduate Committee for final approval.

Barry S. Johnston
Department Undergraduate Officer
General Advisor

Gregory C. Rutledge
Materials Track

Robert C. Armstrong
Energy Track

K. Dane Wittrup
Biomedical Track

Jesse H. Kroll
Environmental Track



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