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Undergraduate Programs

Course 10-ENG: Bachelor of Science in Engineering with Concentration


Concentration Guidelines

  1. Concentrations must be at least 39 to 48 units to meet Institute Requirements.

  2. All concentration subjects must be letter graded.

  3. No concentration subject may also be counted as a GIR.

  4. UROPs are not allowed to count as part of the concentration.

  5. Each concentration subject should have a relationship to the overall theme of the student’s concentration.

  6. Basic math and science or less closely related engineering subjects may be included in a concentration only if they are a prerequisite to a higher level engineering subject in the concentration; otherwise such subjects should be taken as unrestricted electives.

  7. The seven subjects counted toward the concentration plus the foundational concepts must include at least 60 units of engineering subjects and 15 units of science subjects; this content should be reviewed by the 10-ENG advisor and by the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Committee and its Chair.

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