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ChemE News, Events, and Seminars

ChemE Students Won the Grand Prize of the 2006 MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition

The start-up SteriCoat won the MIT Business Venture Robert P. Goldberg Grand Prize for its antibacterial coating designed to reduce infection in patients using catheters.

SteriCoat Team
Vipin Gupta -- PhDCEP, Chemical Engineering
Michael Hencke -- Undergraduate Student, Chemical Engineering
Christopher Loose -- Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering
David Lucchino -- Sloan MBA Fellow
Joel Moxley -- Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering

SteriCoat Group
Christopher Loose, Joel Moxley and Michael Henke of ChemE
(Vipin Gupta and David Lucchino not photographed)

SteriCoat Summary
Each year, bloodstream infections associated with medical devices cost hospitals $9 billion and cause 70,000 deaths in the US. SteriCoat is commercializing a patented antimicrobial coating to prevent these infections. SteriCoat's exclusive application technology allows us to coat devices of virtually any size, shape, or material. Furthermore, our unique mechanism of action makes the coating more durable and does not affect the performance of the coated device. Our initial market will be central venous catheters, which access the patient's bloodstream directly. Our innovation addresses two critical concerns: For patients, it increases safety by reducing the risk of infections, which prolong hospital stays and are potentially fatal. For providers, it minimizes expenses from treating bloodstream infections, which cost $10K-50K per patient.

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