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Course X undergrads Mackenzie Donnelly and Nolan Concannon win MIT’s first Energy Hackathon - December 11
Kwanghun Chung’s protein imaging reveals detailed brain architecture - December 3
Martin Bazant wins the 2015 Bose Award for his innovative and unconventional projects - November 24
Bob Langer helps to create an ingestible sensor that measures heart and breathing rates - November 18
The Bazant group invents efficient shockwave-based process for desalination of water - November 12
MIT ChemE to welcome new assistant professor Karthish Manthiram in 2017 - October 30
Bob Langer received the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering – October 26
The Blankschtein and Langer labs use ultrasound waves to help treat IBS - October 21
Richard Braatz wins ISA’s 2015 Excellence In Education Award - October 21
Michael Strano has been selected as a Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher for 2015 - October 19
Kwanghun Chung wins the David and Lucile Packard Fellowship Award - October 15
Course X senior Katherine Finney improves health care for HIV/AIDS patients in Togo - October 13
Karen Gleason ’82 inducted into the National Academy of Engineering - October 4
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Kristala Prather engineers microbes to produce compounds that can be used in industrial processes efficiently and economically - September 30 | Video
Karen Gleason discusses MIT’s repurposing of a Cambridge icon - September 24
Diego Giraldez ’15 uses his MIT studies to become an innovative energy leader - September 21
QS ranks MIT Chemical Engineering the world’s best for 2015-16 - September 17
MIT ChemE ranked best chemical engineering undergraduate program by USNews again - September 9
Karen Gleason joins partnership for manufacturing flexible electronics - September 9
Course X Sophomore (and field hockey and lacrosse ace) Katie Notarangelo profiled in Boston Globe - September 4
Five MIT ChemE labs host undergrad “summer scholars” from around the country - August 31
Course X undergrad Jocelyn Gonzalez ’16 helps advance cost-effective desalination - August 28
Beauty business based on work in the Langer lab - August 7
Martin Bazant wins the 2015 Alexander Kuznetsov Prize for Theoretical Electrochemistry - August 3
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Langer and colleagues develop a pH-responsive polymer gel that could create swallowable devices - July 27
Langer Lab shows how nanoparticles can clean up environmental pollutants - July 21
Graduate student Sean Hunt discusses renewable platinum with Canada’s BNN - July 15
Karen Gleason and colleagues shed light on conjugated polymers and their implications for small devices - July 15
Allan Myerson earns AIChE’s 2015 Excellence in Process Development Research Award - July 15
Brad Olsen named one of Chemical and Engineering News's  "Talented 12" - July 14
Paula Hammond named head of Department of Chemical Engineering - July 13
Greg Stephanopoulos and colleagues use yeast to boost biofuel production - July 10
Daniel Blankschtein has won the Capers and Marion McDonald Award for Excellence in Mentoring and Advising - July 8
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Bob Langer’s Microchips Biotech signs deal to commercialize implantable drug-delivery devices - June 29
Brad Olsen to receive AIChE’s 2015 Allan P. Colburn Award for Excellence in Publications - June 25
Prof. Karen Gleason explains chemical vapor deposition - June 19
Prof. Chris Love uses microscale technology to target elusive single cells - June 17
Prof. Bill Green and colleagues developed new approach to make clean, high-quality fuels from low-quality oil - June 9
Congratulations to our 2015 Graduates and their families! [Photos - June 4 - 5]
Professor Bill Green helps to continue Jeff Tester’s legacy in MIT's Sustainable Energy course - June 2
Brad Olsen has won a DuPont Young Professor Award - June 2
Professor Will Tisdale earns NSF CAREER Award for Ligand-Mediated Photothermal Energy Dissipation in Semiconductor Nanocrystals - June 2
Professor Allan Myerson to receive 2015 Clarence G. Gerhold Award from the AIChE Separations Division - June 1
Graduate student Diviya Sinha earns Schlumberger Foundation Fellowship - May 22
Congratulations Carl Schoellhammer, Lemelson-MIT 2015 Student Prize Winner - May 19
Professor Dan Anderson designs better medical implants - May 18
Professors Cooney, Langer, and Trout named to 2015 “Medicine Maker Power List” - May 12
Fikile Brushett develops novel storage systems to enable sustainable technologies - May 12
Congratulations to all ChemE 2015 award and fellowship winners! - May 11
Julia Sun ’15 earns Fulbright Fellowship - May 6
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Brad Olsen wins Camille Dreyfus-Teacher Scholar Award - April 29
Langer lab has designed implantable device to allow cancer drug testing in patients - April 22
Nicole Ozminkowski ’15 spent IAP in Tanzania helping to improve sustainable coal production
Prof. Kwanghun Chung’s imaging technique to be used to study Down syndrome - April 22
Bob Cohen elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences - April 21
Technology Review profiles Bob Langer ScD ’74 - April 21
Congrats ChemE sponsored Navi-Chem – 2015 IDEAS Global Challenge grand-prize winner - April 16
Karen Gleason wins AIChE’s 2015 Charles M.A. Stine Award - April 16
Dane Wittrup recruit the entire immune system to attack cancer - April 13
ChemE joins University Center of Exemplary Mentoring for underrepresented minority doctoral students - April 1
MIT ChemE ranked best chemical engineering graduate program by USNews again - March 10
MIT hosts the 2015 AIChE Northeast Student Regional Conference - March 7
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Grad student Vishnu Sresht and Professor Daniel Blankschtein find a simple way to make and reconfigure complex emulsions - February 25
Langer lab develops a self-healing nanogel to aid drug delivery - February 19
Dan Anderson’s drug delivery and biomaterials work profiled - February 17
Profs. Anderson and Langer work to help control diabetes - February 9
WSJ discusses pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing, highlighting the MIT-Novartis partnership - February 8
Profs. Chakraborty and Wittrup are one step closer to an HIV vaccine - February 6
Greg Rutledge elected Fellow of ACS PMSE - February 5
Karen Gleason ’82, alums John Klier ’84, Samir Mitragotri PhD ’96, and Doros Theodorou PhD ’95 elected to the National Academy of Engineering - February 5
Brad Olsen named 2015 ACS Herman F. Mark Young Scholar - February 3
Bob Langer wins Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering - February 3
Carbon capture work by Alan Hatton and grad students Aly Eltayeb and Mike Stern profiled in the Boston Globe - February 2
Boston Globe profiles Prof. Jensen’s and Armon Sharei PhD ‘13’s SQZ Biotech - January 12
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Grad student Mark Weidman’s work with quantum dots could make solar cells more efficient - December 30
Professor Will Tisdale highlighted by MIT Materials Processing Center - December 23
Five Course X undergrads named MIT SHASS Burchard Scholars - December 22
Course X senior Anisha Gururaj aims to connect life-changing technologies with people who need them - December 18
Yuriy Roman wins NSF CAREER Award for Molecular Catalysis for Waste Valorization - December 17
Bob Langer named Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 - December 16
Paula Hammond’s lab highlighted in Science Careers - December 3
GVD, founded by Karen Gleason and Hilton Pryce Lewis SM ’98 PhD ’01, highlighted by ILP - December 1
Greg Stephanopoulos elected 2015 President of the AIChE - November 14
Langer Lab helps find a new way to make batteries safer - November 3
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Startups by MIT ChemE alums and profs earn MassChallenge $100k and $50k awards - October 31
Yuriy Roman profiled in Fall 2014 edition of SPECTRVM - October 20
Professor Emeritus Edward W. Merrill elected to Institute of Medicine - October 20
Graduate student Won Jun Jo earns 2014 Doh Wonsuk Memorial Award, to be given at 2014 AIChE Annual Meeting - October 20
Pat Doyle named Robert T. Haslam (1911) Professor of Chemical Engineering - October 9
Greg Stephanopoulos and team develop new approach to boosting biofuel production - October 2
ChemE researchers develop drug-delivery capsule to replace injections - October 1
Professor Kwanghun Chung and team receive NIH BRAIN Initiative grant - September 30
Inaugural Daniel I.C. Wang Lecture on the Frontiers of Biotechnology was held on September 26.
MIT ChemE retains top undergrad program ranking in USNews - September 9
Bob Langer profiled on Chemical Heritage Foundation's "Scientists You Must Know" video
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Michael Strano’s electricity-generating carbon nanotubes get more efficient  - August 28
PBS’s Nova (entertainingly) profiles Paula Hammond’s developments in tattoo vaccines (Watch Video) - August 22
Paula Hammond engineers new bone growth with coated tissue scaffolds - August 18
Paula Hammond and her team develop technology to recycle old batteries into solar cells - August 18
Hadley Sikes develops a new analysis to reveal cancer tumor weaknesses - August 13
Prof. Brad Olsen follows biological clues to better materials - August 4
Prof. Paula Hammond’s advanced thin-film technique could deliver long-lasting medication - August 4
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Prof. Brad Olsen explains the difference between "bioinspired" and "biofunctional" materials - July 29
Greg Rutledge to receive 2014 Fiber Society Founder’s Award - July 17
Bernhardt Trout to receive the 2014 AIChE Excellence in Process Development Research Award - July 17
Congratulations to Bazant lab post-doc Peng Bai, recipient of the 2014 ISE Young Author Prize - July 17
Brushett, Hammond, Olsen, Roman and Tisdale labs take on five summer interns - July 9
Alan Hatton and Aly Eltayeb win $40k Clean Energy Grant for carbon capture research - July 4
Paula Hammond to receive 2014 Alpha Chi Sigma Award for Chemical Engineering Research - July 1
Greg Stephanopoulos to receive AIChE’s 2014 Walker Award for Excellence in Contributions to Chemical Engineering Literature - July 1
The Hammond research group advances medicine, layer by layer - July 1
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In memoriam: Paul Uche ’13 - June 25
Profs Hammond, Kroll, Langer and Strano are 2014 Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers - June 23
Robert Langer receives Kyoto Prize - June 20
The MIT Materials Processing Center profiles Prof. Paula Hammond - June 18
Prof. Richard Braatz receives AIChE’s Computing in Chemical Engineering Award - June 18
Prof. Bob Armstrong contributes to Game Changers, which explores a cheaper, cleaner, and more secure national energy system - June 17
Prof. Cohen and Gareth McKinley ’91 explain how cormorants emerge dry after deep dives - June 16
MITEI profiles Prof. Hatton’s new way to capture CO2 emissions - June 10
Prof. Bazant helps introduce a novel bromine battery: Small-scale demo, large-scale promise - June 10
Congratulations to our 2014 graduates! June 5-6 [Event photos]
Congrats Michelle Teplensky ’14, named Capital One Academic All-American for field hockey - June 3
MIT introduces edX course 10.03x, Making of Biologic Medicines for Patients: Principles of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing - June 3
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MITEI profiles recent ChemE graduate Zainab Lasisi ’14 - May 19
Yuriy Roman and Sean Hunt engineer earth-abundant catalysts that mimic platinum in renewable energy technologies - May 16
Tisdale wins student-nominated Institute teaching award - May 15
Congratulations to all the ChemE 2014 award and fellowship winners! - May 12
Profs. Anderson and Langer expand the power of RNA interference - May 11
Paula Hammond’s “one-two punch” nanoparticle cancer treatment works on tumors - May 9
Congratulations to newly tenured associate professors Dan Anderson and Chris Love! - May 5
Profs. Gleason, Langer and Rutledge join MIT nano - April 29
Congratulations to Assistant Professor Kwanghun Chung, 2014 Searle Scholar - April 16
Pat Doyle has developed smartphone -readable microparticles that could crack down on counterfeiting - April 13
Bazant’s new analysis probes charge transfer in porous battery electrodes for the first time - April 3
Karen Gleason named MIT’s new Associate Provost. - Arpil 1
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Dan Anderson uses a new gene-editing system to erase a genetic mutation - March 31
Professors Barton, Bazant, Green, Kulik, & Tisdale earned MITEI seed grant awards. - March 27
Michael Strano is developing nanotechnology to create “bionic plants” - March 16
Kristala Prather has been named MacVicar Fellow - March 14
Course X graduate program #1 again in USNews - March 12
Brad Olsen selected as a 2014 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Chemistry - February 18
Professor emeritus Howard Brenner passes away at 84 - February 17
Course X senior Michelle Teplensky is a 2014 Gates Cambridge Scholar - February 10
Dan Anderson has designed nanoparticles offering better gene silencing, could help treat liver disease - February 10
Miles Barr PhD ’08 named one of Forbes’s 30 under 30 - Jan. 7
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Technology Review highlights Dan Anderson’s work - December 30
Michael Strano's hydrogel tattoo is one of CNN's 10 Ideas of the Year - December 20
Bob Langer receives the 2014 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences - December 13
Kwanghun Chung develops imaging technology to ‘see’ you thinking - December 9
Bob Langer unlocks a new means of growing intestinal stem cells - December 1
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The Langer lab designs drug-carrying nanoparticles that can be taken orally - November 27
The Strano Lab creates synthetic antibodies from nanotubes - November 24
Pat Doyle develops self-steering particles that could make lab-on-a-chip devices more efficient - November 12
Kristala Prather turns bacteria into chemical factories - November 6
Michael Strano’s implantable sensor paves way to long-term monitoring - November 3
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Yuriy Roman earns Young Investigator Award from the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers - October 23
Paula Hammond’s lab develops one-two punch to knock out aggressive tumors - October 21
Richard Braatz wins the AIChE Drug Substance QbD Award from the Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Forum (PD2M) - October 15
Boston Globe profiles Chris Love’s work to create “the ultimate mobile drug lab” for battlefield and clinic use - October 7
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Graduate student Mike Stern to receive the AIChE Separations Division Award for his work on CO2 separations - September 25
Karen Gleason's new approach to hydrophobic material could benefit power plants, cooling systems - September 20
Chris Love's Biomanufacturing Research Program receives $10.4 million grant from DARPA - September 18
Boston Business Journal highlights MIT team, led by Chris Love, creating biologic drugs - September 18
Michael Strano and grad students Wonjoon Chio and Zachary Ulissi find that tiny molecules passing through nanotubes can be propelled or slowed depending on their size - September 12
MIT ChemE’s undergrad program is ranked #1 by USNews - September 10
Prof. Bill Green and grad student Amrit Jalan explain low-temperature chemical reaction - September 4
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Bob Cohen and colleagues harvest water out of thin air - August 30
Martin Bazant and colleagues have designed a new rechargeable flow battery enabling cheaper, large-scale energy storage - August 16
Michael Strano finds that arrays of carbon nanotubes can detect flaws in drugs and help improve production - August 16
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Paula Hammond wins DoD Ovarian Cancer Teal Innovator Award - July 24
Karen Gleason has been elected a fellow of the AIChE - July 22
Prof. Jesse Kroll studies how anthropogenic emissions interact with organic compounds emitted by trees - July 8
Paula Hammond's new research enables high-speed customization of novel nanoparticles for drug delivery and other uses - July 2
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Richard Braatz to receive Excellence in Technical Innovation Award from the International Society of Automation (ISA) - June 26
Mike Stern of the Hatton lab develops a new electrochemical system to more efficiently scrub CO2 from emission - June 25
Dan Anderson develops a way to enhance RNA interference - June 23
Yuriy Roman’s new synthesis could make biofuel more appealing for mass production - June 17
Tech Review highlights the Hatton lab’s work on cheaper ways to capture carbon dioxide - June 12
Brad Olsen named Paul M. Cook Career Development Professor - June 6
Novartis – MIT Center for Continuous Manufacturing a Good Example of Model-Predictive Design in Solid-Dosage Manufacturing Processes - June 2
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Congrats to Course X grad student Zach Ulissi, captain, and the MIT cycling club on another successful season! - May 30
Paula Hammond to receive the 2013 Charles M.A. Stine Award at the Annual AIChE meeting in November - May 22
Bob Armstrong named new director of the MITEI - May 16
Professor Kristala Prather earns tenure - May 7
Professors Anderson and Langer develop an injectable nanogel to help fight diabetes - May 16
Undergrad Akshar Wunnava and other students meet with British Prime Minister - May 14
Congratulations to all the ChemE 2013 award and fellowship winners! May 13
Will Tisdale earns DoE Early Career Award - May 7
The SunHub team, co-led by graduate student David Borrelli, wins the MIT Clean Energy Prize’s Audience Choice Award - May 7
Greg Stephanopoulos elected as fellow in the American Academy of Microbiology - May 7
Michael Strano Finds the “Molecular Needle in the Haystack” (MIT ILP News) - May 2
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Paula Hammond elected fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences - April 24
Michael Strano and colleagues pattern graphene with DNA - April 9
Course X alum Todd Zion PhD ’04 is entrepreneurial success story - April 9
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Former Doyle student Dan Pregibon PhD ’08’s startup provides rapid, cost-effective microRNA profiling, beneficial for diagnosing diseases - March 28
Kristala Prather and colleagues use biology to improve chemical synthesis - March 26
“The Catalyst Series: Women in Chemistry” profiles Professor Paula Hammond - March 21
Arup Chakraborty and colleagues offer new way to discover HIV vaccine targets - March 21
MIT Chemical Engineering graduate program ranked #1 for 24th year in a row - March 12
Profs Anderson, Hammond and Langer practice medicine at the nanoscale - March 11
Bob Cohen and colleagues develop a glass coating that could prevent frost buildup - March 5
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Foundation Fighting Blindness to honor Bob Langer on April 9, 2013
Greg Stephanopoulos engineers cells for more efficient biofuel production - February 17
Karen Gleason finds a new way to produce a less expensive solar cell - February 13
Bill Green takes chemical reactions digital - February 12
Professors Chakraborty and Love bring new perspective to the fight against HIV - February 8
Professor Emeritus Ed Merrill elected to the NAE - February 7
Greg Stephanopoulos to receive the AAES’s 2013 John Fritz Medal - February 4
Brad Olsen awarded NSF’s Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Grant - February 4
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Paula Hammond helps make polymer patch that could offer a better alternative to traditional vaccines - January 27
Professors Jensen and Langer find a way to deliver RNA, proteins and nanoparticles by “squeezing” cells - January 23
First generation college student and Course X senior Eric Trac makes the most of his MIT experience - January 17
Profs Anderson and Langer create a polymer film that can generate electricity from water vapor - January 10
Bob Langer wins Israel’s Wolf Prize in Chemistry - January 2
MIT ChemE welcomes new assistant professor Fikile R. Brushett
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Robert Langer to receive the 2013 National Medal of Technology and Innovation - December 21
Bob Langer elected to National Academy of Inventors - December 21
Pedro Valencia PhD’12 named one of Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30” - December 21
Bob Langer named R&D Magazine’s Scientist of the Year - December 14
Bob Langer finds medical device inspiration from porcupine quills- December 10
MITEI’s Energy Futures profiles undergraduate energy work in 10.27 - December 10
Daniel Blankschtein finds that adding a coating of graphene has little effect on how a surface interacts with liquids — except in extreme cases - December 4
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NYTimes profiles the prolific Langer lab - November 24
Paula Hammond’s protein sponge highlighted on Boston’s Chronicle - November 18
Brad Olsen designs a more durable injectable gel - November 16
Bob Langer wins the Wilhelm Exner Medal, considered the “Austrian Nobel Prize.” - November 8
Tech Review discusses the MIT-Novartis Center for Continuous Manufacturing - November 6
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IRIN PlusNews discusses Arup Chakraborty and Chris Love’s cross-disciplinary HIV/AIDS work - October 26
Chris Love receives two NIH Single-Cell Analysis Program awards - October 19
Novartis-MIT Center for Continuous Manufacturing runner-up for WSJ’s Technology Innovation Award - October 16
Yuriy Roman discovers a new way to create valuable rare sugars - October 10
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Using ultrasound waves, Professors Blankschtein and Langer have found a way to enhance the permeability of skin to drugs, making transdermal drug delivery more efficient - September 14
U.S.News again ranks MIT ChemE #1 in undergraduate chemical engineering education - September 13
Greg Stephanopoulos awarded the 2012 Siegfried Medal for excellence in the field of chemical process development - September 12
QS ranks MIT ChemE as world’s top chemical engineering department - September 11
The Economist discusses Michael Strano’s work to make solar cells more efficient (*paid subscription needed) - September 1
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Bob Langer’s new tissue scaffold could be used for drug development and implantable therapeutic devices - August 27
Michael Strano determines that graphene’s behavior depends on where it sits - August 13
Congrats captain Katie Quinn and the MIT Cycling Team on another banner year - August 2
Karen Gleason and her team discovers way of making perfectly ordered and repeatable surfaces with patterns of microscale wrinkles - August 1
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Paula Hammond named one of Boston Globe’s “Bostonians Changing the World. *(paid subscription needed) - July 15
The Economist discusses Dan Anderson’s drug delivery work
*(paid subscription needed) - July 14
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Karen Gleason to receive the 2012 AIChE Process Development Research Award - June 22
Effective July 1, 2012, Dan Anderson will be the Samuel A. Goldblith Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering - June 22
Bill Deen to receive AIChE’s 2012 Warren K. Lewis Award - June 22
George Stephanopoulos to receive the 2012 AIChE Founders Award - June 22
The Strano Research Group develops an all-carbon solar cell to harness infrared light - June 21
Technology Review discusses Langer’s and Anderson’s nanoparticle work to treat cancer - June 19
Michael Strano discusses in Physics World his discovery of thermopower waves (pages 16-17) June 1
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Michael Strano receives AIChE’s 2012 NSEF Forum Award - May 29
Kris Prather’s biofuel work discussed in the May 2012 MIT Spectrum
Karen Gleason’s solar cell printing discussed in the May 2012 MIT Spectrum
Professor emeritus János Beér wins ASME’s 2012 Worcester Reed Warner Medal - May 21
Course X undergrads Jacob Young and Marie Burkland among winners of the 2012 IDEAS Global Challenge - May 21
Daniel Blankschtein and Michael Strano discuss modeling nanotube reactions in C&EN. - May 14
Pat Doyle awarded 2012 Soft Matter Lectureship - May 16
Congratulations to all the ChemE 2012 award and fellowship winners! May 14
Memorial Symposium was held for Adel F. Sarofim - May 11
Bob Langer designs nanoparticles that deliver high doses of antibiotics directly to bacteria - May 4
Chris Love receives Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award - May 3
Course X junior Corinne Carland wins MIT FCU’s People Helping People Award - May 1
Greg Stephanopoulos elected a Fellow of AIChE - May 1
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Bob Cohen and colleagues develop glare-less, anti-fogging, self-cleaning glass - April 26
Bob Langer wins 2012 Perkin Award, the highest honor for the US industrial chemical industry - April 25
Bill Deen wins the 2012 Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching - April 25
Jiao Yunxin ’12 to be inducted into MIT’s Xi Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa
Businessweek discusses Miles Barr ’12’s solar printing work - April 19
George Stephanopoulos elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Science - April 17
Professors Bob Langer and Dan Anderson have developed nanoparticles that could manufacture cancer drugs at tumor sites - April 9
Professor Bob Langer’s targeted nanoparticles show success in clinical cancer trials - April 4
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Professor Klavs Jensen Wins IUPAC-ThalesNano International Prize For Outstanding Work In Flow Chemistry - March 20
Congratulations to 2012 Infinite Mile Award winners Jim Hardsog and the ASO Research Team! - March 16
MIT ChemE ranked #1 chemical engineering graduate program by US News and World Report - March 13
Profs. Trout and Jensen help create continuous drug manufacturing - March 12
Gleason student Miles Barr wins 2012 Lemelson-MIT Student Award - March 7
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Professor Paula Hammond's lab develops new RNA interference method for treating cancer - February 27
Course X junior Nikita Consul helps an Oklahoma City middle school start a science fair - February 23
Professor Bill Deen helps create a microfluidic device to diagnose and monitor cancer and other diseases - February 22
Richard Braatz applies math to design new materials and processes for drug manufacturing - February 15
K. Dane Wittrup elected to the National Academy of Engineering - February 9
Two Course X seniors named Gates Scholars - February 9
Professor Martin Bazant reveals why the hottest new material for rechargeable batteries works so well - February 8.
Congratulations to newly promoted Full Professors Martin Bazant and Michael Strano - February 6
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Bob Cohen wins ACS’s 2012 Paul J. Flory Polymer Education Award - January 17.
Paula Hammond elected an ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry 2012 (POLY) Fellow - January 17
Brad Olsen named Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator - January 11
Hammond Lab’s nanoscale biological coating could prevent battlefield deaths - January 10
Congratulations to Course X sophomore Akshar Wunnava, semi-finalist in the MIT $100K ACCELERATE Contest - Jan. 4

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Professor Arup Chakraborty’s HIV work is one of Boston’s biggest medical breakthroughs for 2011 - December 15
MIT student newspaper “The Tech” interviews Institute Professor Robert Langer - December 13
Professor emeritus Adel Sarofim SM ’57, ScD ’62 dies at 74 - December 4
Institute Professor Bob Langer wins the 2011 The Economist annual Innovation Award in Bioscience - December 3
Harold Somers Mickley, alumnus and former chair of the MIT faculty, dies at 93 - December 3
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Course X senior Maggie Lloyd discusses Integrated Chemical Engineering (ICE) - November 23
Professor Dane Wittrup has been elected Fellow of the AAAS - November 22
Greg Stephanopoulos lab shows how cancer cells get by on a starvation diet. November 21
Anderson lab creates a novel surface triples stem-cell growth in culture - November 7
"Tinkering on the Atomic Scale", Michael Strano's research include new approaches to solar energy, novel water purification systems, and a tattoo that could change how diabetics monitor the disease - November 7
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The Chemical Engineering Department hosts the DOW-MIT ACCESS Program - October 17
Professor Chris Love’s T cell monitoring technique could help AIDS vaccine development - October 14
Profs Anderson and Langer use RNA to curb inflammatory cells - October 9
Professor Greg Stephanopoulos wins the inaugural Biotechnology Progress Award for Excellence in Biological Engineering Publication, to be presented at the annual AIChE Meeting - October 5
Professor Richard Braatz receives 2011 IEEE Control Systems Society Transition to Practice Award - October 5
Professor Chris Love and colleagues revolutionize the study of individual cells - October 3
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ChemE profs help build cardiac patch from gold nanowires - September 26
Bob Langer wins Warren Alpert Foundation Prize - Sept. 15
Michael Strano named co-director of MIT/MTL Center for Graphene Devices and Systems - September 1.
MIT ChemE welcomes new assistant professor William A. Tisdale
Pat Doyle develops system to more accurately monitor disease-related biomarkers - August 18
Paula Hammond finds incorporating core-shell particles lead to thinner better-performing devices - August 15
Professor Kristala Prather discusses how she got into chemical engineering on ACS's "How Kids Became Scientists" - August 16
[Watch Video]
Robert Langer selected as 2011 ACS fellow - August 8
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Klavs Jensen designs a micro-reactor that can run sun-free photovoltaics - July 28
Karen Gleason's printed solar cells could one day power iPads (Bloomberg News) - July 26
Professor Alan Hatton discusses capturing greenhouse gases in the Boston Globe - July 25
The Boston Globe discusses Karen Gleason’s solar cells printed on paper - July 18
Professor Kristala Prather discusses organisms as chemical factories at the World Economic Forum - July 15
Professors Love and Cooney discuss why biomanufacturing is so difficult - July 15
Bob Langer creates synthetic material to revitalize damaged vocal cords - July 14
Karen Gleason prints solar cells on paper - July 11
Professor Klavs Jensen awarded AIChE’s 2011 William H. Walker Award for Excellence in Contributions to Chemical Engineering Literature - July 5
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Professor Greg Stephanopoulos elected a Corresponding Foreign Member of the Academy of Athens, Greece - June 4
Professors Blankschtein, Strano devise layered graphene production method - June 28
Arup Chakraborty finds an HIV weakness that could make vaccines more effective - June 21
Institute Professor Bob Langer wins Priestley Medal, chemistry’s top award - June 21
Paul Barton wins 2011 Computing in Chemical Engineering Award from AIChE's CAST Division - June 20
Prof. Bernhardt Trout receives AIChE’s 2011 Impact Award - June 20
Michael Strano discusses solar technology on Denmark's Woodward Report (minute 16:41) - June 10
MIT’s “The Future of Natural Gas” study released
(Postdoc Carolyn Seto and Profs. Armstrong and McRae contribute) - June 9
Congratulations, ChemE Class of 2011!
    - Commencement Day Reception Photos, June 3
  - Hooding Ceremony Photos, June 2
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Congrats to Katie Lewis, Suzanne Maguire and Fran Miles for winning the School of Engineering Infinite Mile Award - May 26
Grad student Diwaker Shukla wins National Biotech “Innovation in Biotechnology” award - May 16
Team led by ChemE grad student Miles Barr finalist for MIT’s 2011 Clean Energy Prize - May 10
Professor Michael Strano develops new sensor to detect tiny traces of explosives - May 10
Watch CNN interview with Strano
Congratulations to all the ChemE 2011 award and fellowship winners! May 9
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Removable ‘cloak’ for nanoparticles helps them target tumors - April 29
ChemE Activities at MIT Open House - April 30
Course X introduces new flexible 10-ENG undergraduate degree - April 22
Grad student Shreerang Chhatre works to make water available for the world’s poor through fog harvesting - April 21
Professor Greg Stephanopoulos wins ENI Prize on Renewable and Non-Conventional Energy - April 19
MIT ChemE ranked #1 by QS (former Times Higher Education Rankings) - April 6
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Professor Kristala Prather to receive the 2011 Biochemical Engineering Journal Young Investigator Award - March 21
Coverage of Profs Hammond & Langer speaking at “Conquering Cancer through the Convergence of Science and Engineering” Symposium - March 18
CourseX again ranked #1 grad program by USNews - March 15
Professor Emeritus Charles N. Satterfield passed away on Monday, March 14, 2011, at the age of 89.
Bob Langer and grad student Pedro Valencia develop 3-D microfluidic system for better control of drug-delivering nanoparticles - March 8
Paula Hammond one of the top 100 Materials Scientists for 2000-2010 - March 2
Dow announces multiyear collaboration with MIT for innovative educational outreach - March 2
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Karen Gleason’s oxidative chemical vapor deposition on the cover of the February 2011 AIChE Journal
ChemE alum and astronaut Bobby Satcher speaks at the annual MIT Laureates and Leaders induction ceremony - February 24
Professor Gleason’s “microworm” implants could produce fluorescent tattoos for easy monitoring of biomedical indicators - February 17
Professor Blankschtein's group experimental and molecular dynamics simulations work on the amphiphilicity of the dye SRB in aqueous media is featured on the February 17 cover of the Journal of Physical Chemistry B.
Michael Strano (#19) and Bob Langer (#85) two of the Top 100 Chemists of the decade - February 10
Christopher Boyce has been named a Gates Cambridge Scholar! - February 10
Bob Langer’s work highlighted on NOVA’s Feb. 9 “Making Stuff: Smarter” ( minute 40:35)
Congratulations to freshly promoted Full Professor Pat Doyle and newly minted Associate Professors Kris Prather and Chris Love! - February 2
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Course X Senior Cecilia Louis discusses her IAP work in Barcelona - January 27
Science News discusses Professor Chakraborty's immunology work and the role of physics - January 15
Professor Karen Gleason’s technique could produce manufacturing filters that select molecules according to their chemical properties and dimensions - January 12
In white paper, MIT ChemE profs and other MIT scientists discuss potential for revolutionary advances in biomedicine and other fields - January 4
IEEE Spectrum discusses Professor Karen Gleason’s ability to print solar panels on toilet paper - January 3
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Professor Robert Langer ’74’s controlled drug release technology a “baby boomer invention that changed the world” - December 30
Professor Patrick Doyle’s hydrogel barcodes could simplify medical diagnostics - December 22
Professor Hammond’s layer-by-layer assembly can help prevent infection from surgery - December 13
Professor Kristala Prather honored for excellence in teaching - December 3
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Professor Paula Hammond creates nanoparticles to target cancer cells - November 18
Professors Langer and Anderson target cancer through RNA interference - November 16
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Professor Greg Stephanopoulos first runner-up for ConocoPhillips Energy Prize - October 20
Professor Karen Gleason makes a paper-thin solar cell - October 18
Professor Chris Love one of Popular Science’s 2010 “Brilliant 10” - October 18
Professor Bob Langer develops nanoparticle to improve cancer drug delivery - October 5
Professor Bob Langer receives NAE Founders Award - October 1
Professor Greg Stephanopoulos engineers microbes to help create low-cost anticancer drugs - October 1
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Dr. Steve Koonin, Under Secretary for Science, Department of Energy, discusses energy innovation - September 23
Professor Kristala Prather finds new way to dramatically boost bacteria’s manufacturing abilities - September 21
MIT ChemE welcomes MLK Visiting Professor Donna J. Nelson - September 17
New antenna made of carbon nanotubes could make solar cells more efficient by concentrating solar energy - September 13
Professor Strano finds single ions moving through carbon-nanotube channels, which could foster more sensitive detectors or water-desalination systems - September 10
Professor Michael Strano develops self-assembling photovoltaic technology that can repair itself - September 7
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Welcome New Course X Professors!
Professors Langer and Anderson develop technique to grow stem cells in lab - August 23
MIT ChemE again named #1 undergraduate program by USNews - August 17
Professor Chris Love on Massively Parallel, PCR-Based, Single-Cell Gene Expression Analysis - August 12
USNews discusses Professor Strano’s electricity-creating carbon nanotubes - August 10
Three ChemE graduate students earn DoE Energy Fellowships - August 10
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Post-doc Dan Heller named Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fellow - July 14
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Professor Greg Stephanopoulos awarded BIO’s George Washington Carver Award for Innovation in Industrial Biotechnology - June 29
MIT News chronicles how Professor Emeritus Edward Merrill PhD ’47 helped steer his field toward biomedicine - June 29
MIT releases new report “The Future of Natural Gas,” with contributions from Professors Armstrong and McRae - June 25
Professor Paula Hammond and team use carbon nanotubes to improve battery capacity - June 18
Astronaut Bobby Satcher ’86, PhD ’93, recounts his experience as the first orthopedic surgeon in space - June 3
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Professor Michael Strano’s carbon nanotube ‘Tattoo’ may help diabetics track their blood sugar - May 28
Congrats to Fulbright Scholar and Course X senior Rachel Licht, who will travel to France to study the production of cellulosic ethanol by fermentation - May 26
Professor Chris Love’s new technology allows for more precise food-allergy diagnoses - May 21
Symposium in honor of Professor Emeritus Edward W. Merrill held on May 14
Professor Dane Wittrup explains the phenomenon of directed evolution - May 13
Congratulations to all the ChemE 2010 award and fellowship winners! May 10
Course X junior Christine Ohrt gives advice on group project success - May 7
Professor Karen Gleason prints solar cells on paper - May 6
Professor Arup Chakraborty’s insights into HIV immunity may have implications for an effective AIDS vaccine - May 6
Professor Paula Hammond profiled in MIT ILP Insider - May 5
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Congratulations to ChemE’s “Sweaty Sweeties” for winning the 2010 MIT GetFit Challenge! - April 29
Professor Bob Armstrong profiled in the Spring edition of ChemE Education
MIT ChemE ranked #1 again in US News list of top graduate schools
Grad student Deepak Dugar helps apply ranking algorithms to pharmaceutical R&D - April 13
Professor Paula Hammond received the 2010 Distinguished Scientist Award from the Harvard Foundation - April 2
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MIT Forum on the future of manufacturing - including Professors Trout and Cooney - March 31
Paula Hammond helps engineer success for underrepresented faculty - March 26
Professor Chris Love discovers “slackers and superstars of the microbial workplace” - March 26
MITEI spotlights Strano Lab’s energy work - March 19
Professor Paula Hammond lends her nanotechnology expertise to farmers in Africa - March 12
Professor Bob Cohen elected Materials Research Society Fellow
Mass High Tech highlights Strano and Hammond energy work - March 8
Professor Michael Strano finds carbon nanotubes could create electricity - March 8
Professor Michael Strano builds first sensor array to detect single molecules emitted by a cell - March 8
LGO and ChemE student Kacey Fetcho-Phiilips receives new faces of engineering award - March 3
Professor Arup Chakraborty discusses his transition from statistical mechanics to immunology in The Scientist - March 1
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Professor Narendra Maheshri’s and grad student T. L. To’s work on bimodal gene expression published in Science - February 26
Professor Paula Hammond and postdoc Avni Argun produce new way to build membranes for fuel cells - February 17
Professor Bob Cohen elected to the National Academy of Engineering - February 17
Congratulations to Tim Humpton ’10, named a Gates Cambridge Scholar - February 17
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Professor Emeritus Howard Brenner feted in the January 2010 edition of Chemical Engineering Education
Graduate student Arman Haidari’s predictive simulations can monitor carbon sequestration - January 11
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Professor Klavs Jensen elected AIChE Fellow - Decmber 8
Graduate student Christopher Pritchard awarded CIMIT fellowship - December 4
Professor Paula Hammond named AIMBE Fellow - Decelmber 4
Professor Paul Barton and associate Tom Adams propose a zero-emissions power plant - December 3
Professor Emeritus Ed Merrill receives AIMBE's 2010 Galletti Award
Professor Paula Hammond discusses her research with President Obama - October 27
Arup Chakraborty and colleagues receive NCI grant to study cancer - October 27
MIT Chemical Engineering Announces its 2009 Graduate Fellow Recipients
Professor Bob Langer works to help Julie Andrews sing again - October 22
Professor Michael Strano named one of Popular Science’s “Brilliant 10”
Congratulations to our ChemE MIT Presidential Fellows!
Professor Bob Cohen named Director of MIT Program in Polymer Science and Technology (PPST)
Professor Arup Chakraborty answers questions on AIDS vaccine research - September 29
The Scientist profiles Prof. Chris Love, “The Nanoimmunologist”
Professor Greg Stephanopoulos wins the 2010 ACS E.V. Murphree Award - August 31
Postdoc Jong-Ho Kim uses carbon nanotubes to detect nitric oxide - August 21
The MIT ChemE Undergrad Program ranked #1 by USNews - August 20
Welcome to the Department Professor Hadley Sikes!
Drug-dispensing contact lens passes early tests (Professor Bob Langer and former post-doc Daniel Kohane) - August 4
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Professor Chris Love named W. M. Keck Foundation Distinguished Young Scholar in Medical Research - July 31
Professor Bernhardt Trout and his team develop a computer model to design more stable antibody drugs - June 29
Professor Karen Gleason and postdoc Sreeram Vaddiraju have found inexpensive way to make light-emitting devices - June 15
Professor Arup Chakraborty hosts the Ragon Institute's Computational Immunology Symposium - June 12
Professor Greg Stephanopoulos awarded the 2009 Amgen Biochemical Engineering Award - June 5
Professor Bob Langer “is second only to Thomas Edison as the most inventive American in history,” according to Businessweek - June 3
Professor Michael Strano receives $5 million DoD grant to build ultra-fast microchips - May 28
Professors Green and Prather receive MITEI grant for biofuel research - May 5
Professor Greg Rutledge’s electrospinning work profiled by TechTalk - May 5
Professors Gleason and Strano research graphene, a potential “miracle” material - May 4
Congratulations to Professor Michael Strano, who has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure effective July 1.
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MIT ChemE ranked #1 again in US News list of top graduate schools - April 23
Professors George and Greg Stephanopoulos to be honored with Mass. Greek Independence Day Lifetime Achievement Awards on April 24
Professor Kristala Prather helps provide analysis of opportunities for producing important cancer drugs through biotechnology - April 17
Professor Pat Doyle named 2009 Guggenheim Fellow in Engineering - April 8
Congratulations 2009 Course X Phi Beta Kappa electees!
Professor Paula Hammond moderates 30th anniversary of Black Alumni at MIT - April 6
Professor Michael Strano helps engineer viruses that build lithium-ion batteries - April 2
Professor Bob Armstrong to discuss MITEI at First Parish of Lexington, MA - April 2
Professor Bob Langer’s research helps fight frizz - April 2
Nature shares a day in the life of Professor Bob Langer - March 4
Professor Kristala Prather featured in Science Careers - February 27
Professor Bob Cohen and Graduate Student Zekeriyya Gemici use capillary condensation to functionalize inorganic nanoparticle coatings - February 27
Professors Prather and Stephanopoulos work to create bacteria to help better the environment - February 17
Professor Paul Barton & alum Alexander Mitsos (PhD ’06) publish a new book on micropower generation devices.
Professor Bill Green becomes editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Chemical Kinetics.
Professors Chakraborty and Love help launch Ragon Institute to develop AIDS vaccine - February 4
Professor Chris Love receives $400k Human Immunology Grant from the Dana Foundation - January 26
ChemE Grad Student (Hammond Group), Seung Woo Lee’s work on nanotube superbatteries featured in Tech Review - January 9

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Graduate student Andy Wijaya uses gold and light to help control drug delivery -- December 30
Professor Dane Wittrup makes an antibody discovery that could help fight cancer -- December 22
ChemE welcomes Associate Professor Martin Bazant to the department.
Professor Arup Chakraborty elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science -- December 18
Professor Michael Strano and grad student Daniel Heller develop carbon nanotubes to help aid chemotherapy -- December 14
Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and NOBCCHE (The National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers) announced the establishment of a Technology Education Partnership (TEP) -- December 5
ChemE student Ashleigh Hildebrand presents CO2 emission research at the 9th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies in DC -- November 17
Professor Bob Cohen and post-doc Anish Tuteja present design rules for oil-repellant materials -- November 10
Professor Bob Cohen, MIT’s Michael Rubner, and colleagues outfit cells with tiny polymer "backpacks" to deliver meds, diagnose tumors or aid tissue engineering -- November 6
Professor Chris Love and colleagues create new “protein-printing” technique to study immune system defense -- November 3
C&E News: MIT #1 in ChE R&D spending and federal ChE R&D funding for 2006 -- November 3
Professor Paula Hammond, graduate student Nathan Ashcraft, and postdoctoral researcher Avni Argun's fuel cell work profiled in Technology Review..
Professor Pat Doyle wins the Lab on a Chip/Corning Inc Pioneers of Miniaturisation Prize 2008 -- October 22
ChemE grad students showcase their research at the 2008 Energy Night at the MIT Museum -- October 10
Professors Gleason and Love awarded fall 2008 research grants from the MIT Deshpande Center -- October 9
Professor Alan Hatton interviewed on the September issue of ACS Nano podcast about his recently published paper -- September 23
Hoyt C. Hottel Lecture in Chemical Engineering will be presented by Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures -- September 23
Professor Chris Love and colleagues introduce novel technology for analyzing single blood cells -- September 3
USNews ranks MIT ChemE undergrad program #1.
Professor Paula Hammond and team use virus to create microbatteries -- August 18
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In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Jack B. Howard, 1937-2008. July 8
Summer cookout for ChemE undergraduates who worked as a UROP or an intern in local companies -- July 8. [See photos]
Institute Professor Robert S. Langer wins the 2008 Millennium Technology Prize -- June 11
Professor Michael Strano develops most sensitive detector for sarin, mustard gas and other nerve agents -- June 6
ChemE Graduation -- June 6 [See photos]
Institute Professor Robert S. Langer wins the 2008 Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research for the creation of new materials for the benefit of mankind -- June 5
Professors Paula Hammond and Michael Strano share thoughts on potential economy-boosting technologies -- May 21
Professor Paula Hammond’s research group creates new material for fuel cells -- May 16
MIT ChemE alumni Michael Raab and Jeremy Johnson work to make ethanol from corn husks -- May 15
The Warren K. Lewis Lecture given by Professor John F. Brady, California Institute of Technology -- May 9
Professor Hammond’s research group shows polymer electrolyte thin films improve fuel cell performance -- May 8
Professor Hammond discusses nanotechnology and privacy with Earth & Sky. [Listen to podcast] -- May 6
Professor Jensen elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences -- April 28
Professor Karen Gleason has been named the School of Engineering's associate dean for research - April 2
Professor Bob Cohen’s biomimetic work highlighted in April’s National Geographic -- April 1
Professor Doyle's student, Dhananjay Dendukuri, helps create new method for making microscale particles with distinct sizes, shapes and textures -- March 26
Professor Langer wins top German science award -- March 18
Professor Langer and ChemE students develop a gecko-inspired bandage. -- February 18
Professor Greg Stephanopoulos discusses the future of biofuels at the annual AAAS meeting -- February 16
Professor Langer demonstrates drug delivery by nanoparticle -- February 13
Tester Lab teamwork goes on the road -- February 13
“Magnetic Nanoparticles” by Profs. Hatton and Rutledge and Drs. Singh and Wang, make the cover of Advanced Functional Materials. -- February 11
Hammond Group members introduce a ‘micro pharmacy’ drug delivery system -- February 11
Professor Alan Hatton’s paper Functionalization of Monodisperse Magnetic Nanoparticles one of 2007’s most accessed for Langmuir -- Volume 24, February 19, 2008.
Professor Bob Armstrong is elected Member of the National Academy of Engineering -- February 8
Congratulations to Professor Bernhardt Trout, on his promotion to full professorship.
Label-Free Quantification and Identification Proteomics Symposium -- January 29
Professor Arup Chakraborty receives IIT Kanpur's Distinguished Alumnus Award.
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