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Welcome to the Department Professor Martin Bazant

The Chemical Engineering Department is pleased to welcome newly appointed Associate Professor Martin Bazant, who joined the department in December of 2008. Professor Bazant received his BS in mathematics and physics from the University of Arizona in 1992, and was awarded a Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship prior to arriving at Harvard University for his graduate work in physics. Before joining the Chemical Engineering faculty, Professor Bazant was a faculty member in MIT’s Mathematics, Department where he led the Nonlinear Electrokinetics Group, the Dry Fluids Lab, and the Applied Mathematics Computational Laboratory.

Professor Bazant is broadly interested in physical transport processes and applied mathematics. His current research focuses on microfluidics and electrochemical systems with applications in energy storage, water purification, and “lab-on-a-chip” technology. Topics include nonlinear electrokinetics, super-hydrophobic surfaces, super-capacitors, fuel cells, and rechargeable batteries. Professor Bazant’s honors include being named one of Popular Science’s “Brilliant Ten” in 2007 for his work on electrokinetic pumps for microfluidics, which can be used to build a portable diagnostic lab, "lab on a chip."

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Associate Professor Martin Bazant