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Professor Michael Strano and grad student Daniel Heller develop carbon nanotubes to help aid chemotherapy.

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Nanotubes sniff out cancer agents in living cells
MIT News Office, by Anne Trafton, December 14, 2008

Professor Michael Strano
  Chemical engineers use carbon nanotubes to monitor chemotherapy, detect toxins at the single-molecule level.

[Also view post on MIT Tech TV - Prof. Strano and Daniel Heller discuss a new nanosensor and its applications.]

Nanosensor detects toxins in cells
Boston Globe, by Reuters, December 15, 2008

  "U.S. scientists have developed a tiny sensor that can detect small amounts of cancer-causing toxins or trace the effectiveness of cancer drugs inside living cells. The finding, reported on Sunday in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, offers a new tool for tracking specific chemicals in the body."

Nanotech sensor detects toxins in living cells
Reuters, by Julie Steenhuysen, December 15, 2008

  "'We made a very small nanosensor that can detect cancer-causing molecules or important therapeutic drugs inside of a single living cell," said Michael Strano of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, who worked on the study."

Also on MSNBC:


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