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Week of April 27, 2015
Events and Seminars  
Thesis Defense
Internships, Fellowships, and Job Opportunities
Special Programs, and Other Announcements
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The following announcements are as of April 24.

MIT Campus
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Events and Seminars
April 27: Student Seminar, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. in 66-110
-   Manish Shetty, "MoO3 as reducible metal oxide catalyst platform for hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) of bio-oil"
-  Sue Zanne Tan, "Controlling Central Carbon Metabolism for Improved Pathway Yields"
-  Aly Eltayeb, "Molecular and Process Design of Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Capture"
  April 27: "Why Your Brilliant Idea Might Fail Demystifying the Social Side of Innovation" 7:30 PM in 4-237. [Details]
April 28: MIT Awards Convocation, 4:00p.m., Building 10-250. [Details]
April 30: CCE Seminar, Claire Tomlin, at 12 noon, in 37-212. [Details]
May 1: Symposium: Descartes and the Enlightenment. 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., MIT W20-491. [Details]
May 1: ChemE Seminar Series: "Identifying New Paradigms in Crystal Engineering", Jeffrey D. Rimer, University of Houston. 3:00 p.m. in 66-110
May 1: MIT FinTech Conference. 8am - 6:00pm. [Details]
May 2: MIT India Conference. [Details]
See ChemE calendar for more listing of events and seminars >>

Thesis Defense
May 1: Jonathon Harding (Hammond & Shao-Horn Groups), "Investigation of Oxidation in Nonaqueous Lithium–Air Batteries" 3:00 p.m., 56-114
May 5: Sivaraman Ramaswamy, (Barton & George Stephanopoulos Groups), "Simulation and Control of Dynamic Directed Self-assembly of Nanostructures", 3:00 PM, 76-156

Internships, Fellowships, and Job Opportunities
May 7: Application due for Federal Postdoc Award Opportunity for Solar Energy Researchers. [Details]
June 5: Keck Foundation: Call for Applications - INTERNAL COMPETITION REQUIRED. [Details]
MIT Biological Engineering: two Technical Assistant positions open. [Details]
Aizenberg Group at Harvard University/Wyss Institute: Post-Grad-Fellow position [Details]
Little Devices Lab at MIT: Job opportunity. [Details]
2015 Colgate-Palmolive Research & Development Summer Internship Program. [Details]
EPA: Part-time student position in Cincinnati – Year Round! Apply now! [Details]
Amgen Internship opportunity for Chemical Engineering PhD students. [Details]
DuPont Summer Internship. [Details]
Ford Foundation Fellowship Programs. [Details]
McKinsey & Company: 2015 Internship and Summer Programs. [Details]
Merck: Internships and Fellowships. [Details]
Sistine Solar: Internship Opportunity. [Details]
NSF: Fellowship Opportunities [Details]
Insight Data Science Fellows Program. [Details]
Science and Technology Policy Fellowship: Geothermal Technologies Office. [Details]
InstaEDU: Become a tutor, set your own schedule, make $20/hour! [Details]
>>More postings for UROPs, full-time jobs, post-doctorial research, and other fellowship opportunities >>

Special Programs and Other Announcements
May 1: Application due for University of Delaware Master of Engineering in Particle Technology Program. [Details]
May 2: Submission due for 10th Annual Merck/BE-BMES Undergraduate research Poster Session. [Details]
June 3: Senior graduate students and post docs - application due for UW ChemE 2015 Distinguished Young Scholars Seminar Series. [Details]
June 15: New course - "Making Science and Engineering Pictures... " [Details]
July 2: Application due for James Dyson Award competition. [Details]
July 27: Application due for Thermo Fisher Scientific Pierce scholarships for students in science fields. [Details]
REFS (Resources for Easing Friction and Stress): Feeling stressed? We are here to help. [Details]
MIT-SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design) Collaboration - Summer Program. [Details]
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology: summer program for grad students and seniors. [Details]
The Green Program: Three destinations for a non-traditional spring and summer breaks. [Details]
MindSumo: Chemical engineering challenge. [Details]
InstaEDU: Online tutoring opportunity for students. [Details]

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